Coffee + Collagen - delicious, high-quality coffee that sources your skin.

Collagen + Coffee - a morning brew that nourishes your skin

First and foremost, Coffee + Collagen is a coffee! You can expect a great tasting morning brew that gives you that typical morning coffee feeling and gets you prepped for the day ahead. Aside from the great taste, a freshly brewed pot of Coffee + Collagen also contains modern nootropics, soothing adaptogens and nutrient-rich botanicals providing an extra layer of quality nutrition and valuable health benefits.


The quality of coffee varies greatly depending on soil quality, climate, harvesting conditions, roasting process and country of origin. All these factors impact on flavour and level of bioactive compounds that each batch of beans contain. Ancient + Brave founder Kate Prince certainly knows a thing or two about coffee beans and sources quality coffee from the traditional coffee plantations of Brazil, renowned for producing the highest grade Bourbon Santos coffee beans. These are then finely ground and medium roasted for a mellow, nutty, bittersweet, chocolatey roasted flavour with relatively low acidity, that appeals to the taste buds of many coffee connoisseurs.


Stress, environmental pollutants, harmful UV rays, smoking and poor diet all take their toll on your skin and slowly dull your natural radiance. Collagen is a phenomenally important structural protein that contributes to the strength, integrity and flexibility of the body and is found in the bones, cartilage, connective tissue and, of course, in the deep dermal layers of the skin. However, from the age of 30, collagen levels start to naturally decline and the internal and external skin ageing factors start to become more visible.


The Function and Benefits of Collagen in the Human Body

 Including hydrolysed collagen peptides into your daily beauty rituals is highly recommended from the age of 30 onwards. Starting your day with a coffee that delivers 2000mg of Type 1 hydrolysed collagen peptides in a highly absorbable and effective form is a fresh way to nourish your skin from within and nurture your natural radiance.

Unlike other brands, the hydrolysed collagen peptides found in Coffee + Collagen are completely pure, odourless and tasteless leaving you to be totally immersed in your morning coffee experience.


There are so many different styles of fasting, from clean fasting to intermittent fasting to keto fasting and many more! The common theme for all these lifestyle strategies is that there are times when you are likely to feel tired, hungry, depleted and tempted towards a snack. Don’t let your progress be sabotaged by not making it through those tough times. Coffee + Collagen is designed to offer key low carb, low calorie nourishment for seamless support during your fast. Let the excellent source of protein and good source of fibre help sustain you and keep you feeling fuller for longer, so you can achieve your fasting goals and enjoy your intermittent fasting benefits.


Coffee + Collagen made with hot water contains just 36Kcal, 2,2g carbs, 0.05g sugar, 3g fibre, 3.1g protein, 0.9g fat and 0.35g saturated fats per serving. Perfect nutritional values to suit most clean fasting and intermittent fasting strategies. 

Nutritional Information of Coffee + Collagen



The original bulletproof coffee collagen recipe was first introduced by one of the pioneers of intermittent fasting, Dave Asprey, and involves blending butter, coffee and MCT oil to create a supercharged coffee to set you up for the day ahead. The Brave Method has slightly evolved and simplified this original bulletproof coffee recipe into a keto collagen coffee made using 2 scoops of Coffee + Collagen with 1-2 tsp of True MCT oil for a lighter way to bullet your morning coffee with the added benefits of skin nourishing collagen peptides. Using our coffee collagen premium mix certainly saves time when you’re rushing around in the morning and you gain the reassurance that you’re getting the best collagen supplements as part of your morning brew. But that’s not all you benefit from…

Delicious bulletproof coffee with Ancient + Brave Coffee + Collagen and True MCT


There’s an all too familiar line that often gets crossed when you overstep your caffeine tolerance threshold. With just one cup too many you could quickly switch from feeling mentally alert, focused and driven to feeling over-stimulated, wired and unsettled. Caffeine stimulates the nervous system and turns up the production of adrenalin and cortisol, two hormones associated with the body’s natural stress response. Coffee + Collagen contains additional adaptogenic botanicals that help you enjoy all the nootropic benefits without the negative side effects of coffee.


Aside from the quality coffee beans and hydrolysed collagen, you’ll also find four beautiful organic botanicals in our Coffee + Collagen, crafted together to create a balanced brew in terms of flavour and functionality. These four botanicals, each contain bioactive compounds that work together to enrich the coffee flavour, safeguard against coffee jitters and deliver further nutritional benefits.

1. Adaptogens for stress resilience

You’re likely to face a few daily challenges and the stress of modern life, coupled with cups of coffee throughout the day, could leave you feeling frazzled! The hero ingredient, ashwagandha, found in Coffee + Collagen forms a harmonious partnership with Brazilian coffee beans. Ashwagandha, also known as Indian ginseng, is the phenomenally important yin to the coffee yang. Known in the West as an adrenal adaptogen, ashwagandha has been used as a traditional Ayurveda botanical for centuries. Whereas coffee is full of charge, ashwagandha gently supports and soothes the adrenal glands helping you adapt and build resilience to stress. It is a primary ingredient for helping negate those coffee jitters.

 2. Raw cacao for a hint of luxury

Raw cacao is created by cold pressing unroasted cocoa beans which helps preserve the nutritional content of this delicious Inca food. Raw cacao’s nutritional profile includes minerals such as magnesium, iron, zinc and phytonutrients such as flavanols and polyphenols which help protect cells from oxidative stress generated by harmful free radicals, which contribute to the skin ageing. Raw cacao is a well-known mood food since it contains a multitude of natural bioactive compounds, some of which may support endorphin and neurotransmitter balance.

Coffee beans provide their stimulatory properties from natural caffeine, but cacao beans have negligible levels of caffeine and instead contain a natural stimulant called theobromine. Whereas caffeine may over-stimulate the nervous system, theobromine has a much milder action, supporting alertness without leaving you feeling wired. For later times in the day when you need a little more comfort factor than caffeine drive, you might find our Cacao + Collagen more suitable, it's made with the same great tasting raw cacao.

Luxury High-Quality Cacao

3. Rich chicory root for roasted notes

Roasted chicory root has long been used as a caffeine-free coffee substitute since the 1800s when it was believed to act as a liver purifier. Fast track to today and this little gem helps enhance the rich, deep, roasted bittersweet flavour of Coffee + Collagen. Roasted chicory root might be lacking in caffeine, but it certainly scores maximum points for flavour and nutritional value. A natural source of the prebiotic fibre inulin, which supports gut microbiome, and full of bioactive phytocompounds including coumarins, tannins, flavonoids, and sesquiterpene lactones which may help protect cells against oxidative stress and support liver function.

4. Baobab rich in vitamin C

Originating in Africa, the baobab tree produces a hard fruit with a shell, like coconut, full of nutritious pulp. Baobab is an exceptional fruit with the ability to naturally dehydrate while still on the branch. Requiring no heat or pasteurisation its properties remain intact meaning baobab powder is unusually nutrient dense, bursting with vitamin C (three times that of an orange) and nearly 50% fibre. Baobab is included in Coffee + Collagen not just because of its incredible nutritional profile but because it adds a delicate, slightly sweet and creamy texture to your morning brew.


With all these beautiful, nutritious and delicious ingredients it’s easy to understand why Coffee + Collagen should be part of your store cupboard essentials. Each ingredient brings its own individual serving of uniqueness and together the freshly brewed benefits can be enjoyed right across the day.

1.Modern nootropics

What exactly is a nootropic? This is a relatively new term used to describe nutrients that have an impact on brain function and activity. Nootropics are all about supporting cognitive function to help you think on your feet, beat brain fog and stay cool, calm and collected no matter how demanding or stressful your day has become. The list of natural nootropics found in Coffee + Collagen include theobromine naturally present in the cacao, adaptogenic ashwagandha and the natural caffeine provided by the coffee beans which contribute to cognitive performance, energy, focus and mental alertness. If you want to take your Coffee + Collagen to another nootropic level, then you can always bullet your morning brew with a serving of our True MCT oil.

2. The best collagen peptides

We’re so incredibly proud of the quality of our hydrolysed collagen peptides and the potential this ingredient holds for nourishing skin from within. Collagen is a key nutrient for skin anti-ageing rituals and by continuing to incorporate collagen and vitamin C into your daily beauty wellbeing you should soon be receiving glowing compliments about your skin. To take the beauty benefits up another notch you can always add a serving of True Collagen for a supercharged collagen coffee.

3. A little bit of gut TLC

There’s definitely a focus on fibre when it comes to digestive health and supporting the important gut microbiome. Each serving of Coffee + Collagen contains a good source of fibre (3g per cup) naturally present from the botanical ingredients and chicory root inulin. Fibre also helps to keep you feeling fuller for longer, good news if you are hoping to cut down on in-between meal snacks, wanting to establish healthier food habits or need early morning nourishment to support intermittent fasting.

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