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True Hydration

Inspired by the natural electrolytes found in coconut water, this intelligent formula combines key minerals crafted for rapid rehydration.

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Why Take It

For proper cellular hydration we need electrolytes to bring water into our cells.

True Hydration is rich in electrolyte minerals sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium, supporting your mind and body for optimal performance, alongside balancing chromium which contributes to normal maintenance of blood glucose levels and nutrient metabolism.

A refreshing coconut water based formula, created without the use of artificial flavours or sweeteners.

How to use

Add 6g to 250ml fresh water, stir and enjoy. You can also add this formula to your water bottle to keep you hydrated across the day.

Popular for morning rituals, glowing skin, sauna replenishment, fasting strategies, exercise performance and the perfect travel partner.

Use in your Rise Ritual to kick start your day and hydrate your body after sleep.

Do not exceed recommended daily intake.

6g - ½ scoop / 1 heaped tsp

180g (approx 30 servings)

Ingredients & Nutritionals


Coconut Water Powder
Chicory Root Inulin
Magnesium Citrate*
TriSodium Citrate
Calcium Malate
Pink Himalayan Salt
TriPotassium Citrate
Chromium Picolinate

*derived from a natural mineral source of marine origin
Suitable for vegans or vegetarians


Nutrition per 100g per 6g
ENERGY 322 19.0
FAT 0.1 0.0
of which saturates 0.02 0.0
monounsaturates 0.06 0.0
polyunsaturates 0.02 0.0
of which sugar 44.5 2.8
FIBRE 1.2 0.1
PROTEIN 0.18 0.0
SALT 4.26 0.3

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Reasons to buy

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Benefits of True Hydration

Hydrates the skin from within.

Replenishes key electrolytes for deep replenishment.

Improves recovery, mental clarity and performance.

Magnesium for the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

Rich in prebiotic fibre to support a balanced digestive system.

Perfect for travel, sauna and morning rehydration rituals.

Coconut water powder

The refreshing water from coconuts has been enjoyed for centuries in tropical countries where it is revered for treating a variety of health-related ailments. In fact in Sanskrit, coconuts are called “kalpa vriksha,” meaning the “tree which gives all that is necessary for living.” Coconut water is best known as a natural source of electrolytes including potassium, calcium and magnesium, alongside Vitamin C. Our delicious coconut water powder has been expertly sourced to ensure the highest purity. 

Find our pure coconut water powder as a vital ingredient in our intelligent electrolyte formulation; True Hydration..

Chicory Root Inulin

Soluble fibre is an important food source for the diverse numbers of friendly microbes that naturally reside in the gut microbiome.

Our organic inulin is sourced form chicory root and has a light, sweet and subtle malty flavour that helps satisfy those afternoon sweet tooth cravings.

Also, being a source of fibre, inulin also helps to keep you feeling fuller for longer – so it’s a win-win ingredient!

We believe that healthy digestion is fundamental to general health and wellbeing which is why we’ve included a source of soluble fibre in our Naked Collagyn, Radiant Collagyn and Cacao + Reishi

Marine magnesium

Few compounds are more important to overall health than the mineral magnesium. Magnesium is essential for human health and optimal function. It’s involved in over 700 enzymatic reactions, energy production, nerve function and glucose regulation, plays an important role in bone & muscle health and is required to synthesize DNA and RNA —the building blocks of life. Yet many studies show that the majority of the population don’t get enough of this crucial nutrient.  Our Magnesium citrate is derived from a natural mineral source of marine origin and crucially is a soluble highly bioactive source of magnesium, easily absorbed and pure. 

You can find this multifunctional marine Magnesium in our True Hydration. and True Nightcap formulations.

Calcium Malate

Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body, and almost 99 percent of the body’s calcium is stored in the structure of the bones and teeth.This essential mineral  is needed for so much more than bone health, though. A key electrolyte for optimal hydration, it is also needed for nerve communication, blood clotting, hormone secretion and muscle contraction. The truth is, though, many of us aren’t eating enough foods high in calcium. Our calcium malate is a highly bioavailable form of calcium that is much better absorbed than other forms, such as calcium carbonate. 

You can find this key electrolyte in our True Hydration. formulation.

Pink Himalayan Salt

Protected from modern day pollution by snow and ice, Himalayan pink salt has been preserved in an untouched, pristine environment and is considered the purest salt on the earth.

Whereas salt simply provides sodium, Himalayan salt contains a full set of electrolyte minerals (calcium, sodium, magnesium, potassium) and an impressive collection of 84 trace minerals and elements. The minerals in this salt exist in colloidal form, which means that they are small enough to be quickly and easily absorbed.

You’ll find a flavour enhancing pinch of our pristine pink Himalayan salt in our Cacao + Collagen and Cacao + Reishi.

Potassium: TriPotassium Citrate

Potassium is a key mineral in the body playing major roles across the systems; from maintaining the water content of cells, influencing blood pressure levels, communication of nerve cells, optimal detoxification and glycogen storage in muscles. Our potassium citrate has been carefully selected for it’s purity and high bioavailability. 

You can find our highly bioavailable TriPotassium Citrate in our electrolyte formula, True Hydration..

Chromium Picolinate

This trace mineral is less well known, but incredibly important: from benefits to blood sugar control, nutrient metabolism, stabilising energy, heart health, weight management and brain health. Research also shows that chromium can help protect DNA chromosomes from damage and is associated with longevity. Our form pairs chromium with picolinic acid which is more easily absorbed than other forms.

Find this potent mineral in our True Hydration. formula, created to support optimal hydration and energy.

Your Method

When used as part of your Rise Ritual, add 6g to 250ml fresh water, stir and enjoy. You can also add this formula to your water bottle to keep you hydrated across the day.



Dehydration is the first sign your body could be low on electrolytes. There are many symptoms from brain fog, lethargy, constipation and more. Every organ in your body needs them, so the symptoms can be vast. You can also check the color of your urine, it should be clear vs dark yellow. 

Electrolytes are often lost through sweat or when other issues throw the balance off. In these times, using electrolytes as we drink water can be supportive and restorative. 


As we know, hydration is vital for overall health and wellbeing. Hydration impacts everything from our brain function, energy, skin health, digestion and muscle health. Normally when people mention ‘hydration’ the first thing you think of is drinking more water. But true hydration requires water and electrolytes.

Electrolytes contain minerals that are responsible for 1000’s of processes in the body. Every single cell in our body depends on minerals to function properly. One of the jobs of these minerals is for cellular hydration by supporting fluid balance. Electrolytes are simply minerals which are charged and conduct electrical impulses which your body needs for many processes such as powering your nervous system, muscles and maintaining stable PH levels.


Yes, absolutely and we would encourage you to as part of your morning hydration ritual, post-sauna, during or post workout and when traveling e.g. flights


No, it is not necessary to drink electrolytes with every glass - once a day will be enough or if you are losing sweat (hot weather, sauna e.g.) then twice 


Absolutely, True Hydration is the perfect partner to any of our products


Yes, this product is suitable for breastfeeding or pregnant women and would be a great way to replenish lost minerals and boost hydration. We always advise anyone pregnant or breastfeeding to make their midwife or GP aware of any supplements they are using.





of which saturates


of which sugars




Potassium (from TriPotassium Citrate and coconut water powder)



Per 100g 

1367kJ / 322kcal











Per 6g serving 

82kJ / 19kcal












Coconut Water Powder

Chicory Root Inulin

Magnesium Citrate*

TriSodium Citrate

Calcium Malate

Pink Himalayan Salt

TriPotassium Citrate

Chromium Picolinate

*derived from a natural mineral source of marine origin

Suitable for vegans or vegetarians


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