The Brave Method

Ancient + Brave redefines fasting

We are passionate about lifestyle and fasting strategies that allow our bodies to naturally rejuvenate...

...which means we’re big fans of intermittent fasting. While traditional fasting programs can leave you feeling sluggish and hungry, we’ve got you covered - cue the Brave Method.

What Is It?

The Brave Method is an ideal way to give your body the fuel it really needs.

It’s not just about losing weight, it’s about feeling sharper, having more energy and breaking out of unhealthy eating patterns. Ancient + Brave redefines fasting, thanks to the coffee, cacao and adapotogenic herbs found in our blends, the healthy fats in True MCT and the key amino acids in True Collagen. 

Our Brave brews ease feelings of hunger and help to prevent an unhealthy stress response and reduce inflammation - so your body is supported to burn fat for fuel while you feel fuller for longer.

How to Fast?

Fasting is a lot easier than you think and most of us are doing it already.

If you eat your last meal by 7pm, and you don’t eat again until 7am the next day, you’ve already done a 12 hour fast – pretty good!

We recommend extending that fasting window for a few hours, to 14 to 16 hours, and doing that for three to seven days a week. To avoid getting ‘hangry’ our blends are the perfect solution - deliciously filling, fat burning and brain boosting brews designed to support you during your fasting window.

One fast doesn’t fit all. So always go with what works for you.

Try a 14 Hour Fast

Fuel Your Fast

Make your fasting window truly work for you.

Add some True MCT oil and some grass-fed butter if you fancy, to one of our delicious Ancient + Brave brews. 

This combination will help you fast for longer, feel less hungry and avoid that slump in energy until you break your fast. We’re sure you’ve got more questions, so we’ve tried to answer them in our FAQs.

The Brave Recipe

2 scoops of Coffee + Collagen or

2 scoops of Cacao + Collagen 

Add 250ml hot filtered water

Our coffee is finely ground so make using a cafetiere.

Add 1 to 2 tsp

of True MCT 

Add 1 tsp of grass-fed butter to your blend for an extra creamy brew.

Blend for 5 secs until

smooth and creamy


Make any time of day

Live longer, better and happier

Along with an Ancient + Brave brew every morning - how about a new Braver lifestyle?