Brave Method

The Method

The Brave Method is ancient wisdom made relevant by cutting edge science. Our simple lifestyle strategy can significantly improve your overall health through a balanced use of 14 to 16 hour fasting windows three to seven days a week. This is most easily achieved by transposing fasting hours across the night, for example, if you eat your last meal at 7pm you may typically eat again between 9am - 11am the following day.

Eat and Fast Like Your Ancestors

This intermittent fasting method supports the evolutionary concept of a larger fasting window and a smaller eating window, whilst being supported by an abundance of peer-reviewed research showing the dramatic health benefits for the metabolism, the brain, the heart and anti-ageing. By adopting the eating patterns of our ancestors and exposing yourself to periodic cycles of feast and famine you are working in the most preventative way to avoid chronic disease.

Redefining Fasting

However unlike other fasting regimes where you only drink water or no calorie beverages, which can lead to intense hunger and distractedness, Ancient + Brave has created a line of delicious blends designed to assist you during your fasting window, whilst delivering incredible morning nutrition. We recommend a morning intake of Coffee + Collagen or Cacao + Collagen, blended with True MCT and, for a creamier brew) grass fed butter - all in the quest of optimal fat burning and improved mental and physical performance.

Ancient + Brave’s potent synergistic combination of coffee or cacao and adaptogenic herbs found in our blends, the healthy fats in our True MCT, and the key amino acids found in our True Collagen redefines fasting by preventing an unhealthy stress response, assists in fat burning, reduces inflammation and keeps you satiated whilst delivering optimal nutrition.


  • 2 scoops of Coffee + Collagen or Cacao + Collagen
  • 250ml hot filtered water
  • 1 to 2 tsp of True MCT
  • 1 tsp of grass fed butter

Blend for 5 seconds until smooth and creamy.

These products can continue to be used throughout the day, even when you are out of fasting mode, as they deliver key nutrients with targeted health benefits, all contained within a delicious hot drink.

Why we love grass fed butter

Grass fed butter has a sunny yellow colour compared to the waxy whiteness of grain fed butter, because it has more nutrients. Grass fed butter is richer in healthful, fat burning, short and medium chain fatty acids, hormone building fat-soluble vitamins like A, D E and K, and immune boosting conjugated linolenic acid.  Another key nutrient that is so much more abundant in grass fed butter is butyric acid, shown to be key in bringing down inflammation in the digestive tract. If you’re sensitive to dairy then opt for ghee (clarified butter) which is just as nutrient rich but has no lactose or casein.

Remember, don't be scared of healthy saturated fats – its high carbohydrate diets and hydrogenated fats that cause oxidative inflammation and high cholesterol.  In other words, it’s the inflammation from excess carbohydrates and bad fats that damage your health and heart.

Intermittent fasting, has proven to be a safe and effective approach that promotes not just fat loss, but overall health in ways no other lifestyle modification can.

Dr. Michael VanDerschelden - The Scientific Approach to Intermittent Fasting