Founders Annelie Whitfield (naturopath, herbalist, author, chocolate alchemist and former stunt woman), and Kate Prince (blender, taster, entrepreneur and former media lawyer), are fused by a passion for cutting-edge lifestyle strategies that fuel health and performance.

Natural medicine and fasting played a large part in Annelie’s wellness and recovery strategies during her career as a Hollywood stunt woman.   After a life-threatening stunt, Annelie received healing from Sri Lankan bone mending monks, inspiring her quest to become a naturopath.

Annelie has spent over fifteen years treating patients, lecturing, hosting workshops and sharing her lifestyle and functional medicine knowledge.  She recently spent five years discovering a back-to-nature barefoot existence living in the jungle in Costa Rica. Here she studied indigenous medicine, specifically immersed in the medicinal benefits of coffee and cacao.

We are passionate about creating delicious, nutritionally rich, next generation drinks and products. We have combined our expertise in medical herbalism, functional nutrition and dynamic formulation to create four cutting edge, high performance products.

Kate’s background as a commercial media lawyer has driven a passion for creative business development. This has led to the launch of two brands, Prince & Sons Tea, and Made by Noble, consummating her flair for blending and formulating nutritionally potent and delicious drinks. Kate loves to explore ancient and new ingredients from across the globe, that combine health benefits with superior taste and depth of flavour.  

Using Annelie’s expertise in naturopathy and herbal and functional medicine, they have created Ancient + Brave, designed to bring an important new lifestyle paradigm to the market, allying ancestral living with cutting edge science.  Ancient + Brave’s line of products is supported by the Brave Method, utilising Annelie’s specialist knowledge and medicinal passion for intermittent fasting and natural health.