About Us

Making ourselves and our earth better

At the heart of Ancient + Brave is founder Kate Prince whose passion for improved wellbeing through lifestyle and nutrition strategies inspired the Ancient + Brave range of delicious nutrient-rich blends and supplements.  

We are dedicated to sourcing beautiful organic botanicals and innovative nutraceuticals that enhance both flavour and performance. It’s this synergy between nature and science that remains one of our core values. 

Brave HQ

Our Ancient + Brave tribe has grown into a diverse team of food scientists, nutritionists, blending experts, industry consultants and creative minds. Together we share a mutual love of natural wellness which is central to our Brave ethos.

This collaboration between science and wild wisdom forms the foundation for our Brave Wellness philosophy and evolves our Brave Lifestyle strategy.

Freshly plowed organic land

Brave Community 

We embrace ancestral strategies that help our community thrive in a modern world. Choosing a lifestyle strategy is the first step towards ultimate wellbeing - a journey made far easier and more effective with the Brave Method and the support of our targeted nutrition products.

Our connection to our community is wider than just our products. Through our story and Brave Lifestyle we promote restorative techniques that encourage the body to naturally rejuvenate.

Our commitment to the planet

Our vision is to be a force for good where we can whilst causing as little harm as possible to the planet. Sourcing ingredients from environmentally conscious, sustainable and organic suppliers wherever possible is our priority. 

We thoughtfully consider environmental sustainability when selecting materials for our beautiful packaging and choose responsible recyclable packaging.

All our outer packaging materials meet strict standards to protect the forests (FSC certified).

Ancient + Brave has started the process of becoming a B Corp - an alliance of companies committed to ethical and progressive approaches to business. So you know you’re buying from a brand that shares and respects your values.

Honest ingredients 

Line drawing of a cows head

True Collagen 

Sourced from grass-fed cows in South America

Happy herds - animal welfare certified

Raised naturally without hormones, antibiotics, chemicals or GMO

line drawing of steaming cup

Brave Blends

Certified organic by the Soil Association

Coffee and Cacao beans sustainably sourced from South American estates.

Naturally fermented and processed for depth of flavour

Line drawing of coconuts

True MCT

Sourced from sustainable coconuts

Extracted using green technology

No solvents, chemicals or palm oils

Line drawing of plants for vegan collegyn

Vegan Collagyn

Certified by the Vegan Society

Vegan and fermented sources of amino acids

Vitamin D3 sourced from algae

Wild harvested Hebridean seaweed


Ancient + Brave is a founder community member of ESGmark - a mark awarded to organisations that prove they are committed to making a positive difference to the environment, their suppliers, customers, employees and communities.

The ESGmark is a symbol of trust and distinction for those companies committed to an ethical and progressive approach to business and which act to deliver a fairer, more sustainable future.

Putting people and planet at the heart of our business.

The Climate App

Ancient + Brave is a founding partner in a new brilliant project - The Climate App.

A team of experienced professionals, passionate about averting the climate crisis, are launching a revolutionary climate app - which will be the tool for a movement of carbon-cutters.  The free app is built on social sharing, leveraging positive peer pressure and gamification, to cause and sustain actions to reduce users' carbon footprint.

Built upon core foundations of psychological principles, scientific data, and a passionate group of environmentalists, the team aims for a huge shift in society - so that people start taking climate action on a mass scale. The Climate App will make cutting carbon easy, fun and social and create a movement of action to avert a climate crisis.

The team comprises over 40 climate enthusiasts with their experience from NASA, Sky, Whatsapp, the NHS and rapid-scale startups and support from Sussex University Innovation Center.

More updates coming soon - so watch this space.

Continuing focus 

We are working with the experts at Carbon Footprint to reduce our energy consumption and we make a donation on every order placed to offset our carbon emissions.  Ancient + Brave is participating in Carbon Footprint’s projects including tree planting in the UK and reducing deforestation in Brazil. 

We aim to increase the transparency across our supply chain and continually improve the ethical sourcing of our ingredients. 

We will continually review innovations in packaging and design to maintain the highest standards. 

Nature scene of pine trees in mist
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