New Mother Support

The fourth trimester is a sacred and crucial period for a new mothers health, marking the delicate transition into parenthood. Changes to our body, diet and routines require gentle support and optimal nutrition to elevate recovery.

Step 1: Choose your collagen

Jar of hydrolysed bovine collagen peptides from Ancient and Brave

True Collagen

Jar of type I hydrolysed marine collagen powder from Ancient and Brave

Wild Collagen


Step 2: Select your supporting product

True Hydration




You should always consult with your doctor or midwife regarding any new additions to your diet or supplements you take during your pregnancy and breastfeeding journey. Whilst there are also no studies available due to ethical challenges involving research in pregnant people, we aren’t aware of any contraindications in taking any of our products whilst pregnant or breastfeeding and they should be well tolerated.

Given a higher need of collagen specific to this time in your life and it's excellent safety profile as a supplement, it is biologically plausible that collagen would be beneficial both during and post-pregnancy. We do however suggest you are mindful of our other blends which contain caffeine, if you are monitoring your caffeine intake during pregnancy and breastfeeding, as well as using botanicals like Ashwagandha, Lions Mane and Reishi. These include our coffee + collagen, cacao + collagen, cacao + reishi and matcha + collagen blends as well as our vegan blends which contain further amino acids and botanicals - and therefore it may be best to stick with True Collagen or Wild Collagen and True Hydration during this time.

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