True Hydration: Origin Story

True Hydration: Origin Story


It’s early. No matter what time I go to bed or how well I sleep, my body always wakes me naturally at the crack of dawn. I check my sun-rise clock, which hasn’t even had the chance to begin slowly shining its light and, as predicted, it flashes back; 5.05am. Some days it’s easy to spring out of bed and kick start my morning routine, and my nervous system, jettisoning into the day and leaping into my workout gear for a 6am spin class. 




I often love that energetic buzz, but I know it’s not going to serve me today. It’s a busy week and with the many hats of a working mum, a rush of more cortisol and that feeling of ‘go,go,go’ is not what my body calls for. 


With a little more wisdom and intuition for what my body needs in this moment (and the joys of co-sleeping with a toddler) I choose to start more slowly, with more nourishment for mind and body. 


I reach over and turn the sun-rise clock up a few notches, letting my eyes adjust to the light. Next to my bed is the first ritual of my every-day. Whether I choose a fast or slow start, this part of my day doesn’t change. It’s an anchor, a habitual moment. In my rise ritual, I take the cup, acting as a lid, off my glass carafe filled with water I’d placed on my bedside table the night before; my final act of self-care before getting into bed to settle in before sleep. I pour the water, aiming to set an intention for the day before the noise of the world interrupts me. My body craves the hydration after a long night of water-fasting whilst I slept.



True Hydration is so much more than just drinking water. Our ancestors once drank fresh water rich in electrolyte minerals from the earth; sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium which bring water into our cells, creating structure and working as the medium for almost every metabolic process, naturally supporting our mind and body. Whilst sleeping, our brain and body use reserves of water to help to restore, repair and rejuvenate. Even when we are minimally dehydrated, our brain shrinks in size as our neurons seek these minerals and water to communicate and fire. 


For so long I searched for ways to upgrade my morning water into an elixir, with so many powders and potions falling short due to their ultra-artificial sweetness, which is not what my tastebuds thirst for as my first flavour of the day. The closest I came to finding the perfect tonic was during visits to my favourite place; Thailand. Licking my lips after a salty swim in the sea, I drank coconut water fresh from the fruit - nutritious and incredibly refreshing. 


Adding in True Hydration and drinking my elevated water today, I take myself back there for a moment, with the subtle, simple taste, before setting up my morning meditation app and settling in for 10 minutes of quiet. Feeling the rapid rehydration for my brain, replumping my skin and stimulating my body's natural detoxification, I start to feel ready to take on the day. I keep my morning routine short, it’s only been 15 minutes since I first rose and now, for the final 10 minutes before the tasks of breakfast, caffeination and chasing a toddler around in an attempt to dress them, I roll out my yoga mat for a quick stretch. 



Healthy practices aren’t always big and time consuming. Often it’s those small, incremental moments that make up a fuller picture. Our bodies are using and losing water all day long. 

Whether through digestion, creating energy, elimination and even simply breathing requires True Hydration. Using touch points within my day to rejuvenate the body and brain with this upgraded water; during a workout, post sauna, after fasting, or when adventuring and travelling - feels like a portable ritual whenever I need it.








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