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The Benefits of Collagen through the Menopause

Menopause is a hot topic right now, and rightly so, as the impact menopause can have on women is little understood. From a wide variety of seemingly unrelated symptoms to increased risk of osteoporosis and dementia, all women will experience menopause and often in very different ways. And it’s a minefield out there, there’s lots of information but let’s face it, it’s confusing! 

We are delighted to have teamed up with Change the Change to offer some clarity on this important topic. The brainchild of  four women of ‘the age’, and experts from the fields of medicine, mindset, nutrition and fitness, Change the Change are on a mission to empower women going through the menopause.

They believe every woman should understand what menopause is, how it affects their bodies and what can be done to support it. Because there really are ways to help this transition, both in terms of managing symptoms and safe-guarding long term health. It’s not just one approach, it’s not just about HRT, it’s an integrated, holistic framework that allows women to thrive at this life stage and beyond.

Change the Change Menopause

Did you know?

  • The menopause is just 1 day (yes that’s right!). It’s the day that is exactly 1 year after your last period. The stage leading up to this is the peri-menopause, and after is post-menopause. 
  • You can experience symptoms during the peri-menopause and post menopause.
  • The average age of menopause is 51
  • There are over 34 symptoms associated with menopause, from the commonly known hot flushes to anxiety, insomnia, joint pain, memory issues, poor concentration, brain fog, gut issues, accelerated skin ageing, lowered immune function…
  • Menopause symptoms can last up to 12 years or more
  • Collagen production declines dramatically as we age, up to 40%, around the menopause

Francesca Moore, Register Nutritional Therapist tells us, "this is important as collagen is one of the most abundant proteins in the body.  Most of us know it for it’s skin enhancing properties, but did you know that a massive 70% of the skin structure is collagen? It gives it it’s strength and durability and is responsible for the smooth plump appearance of young healthy skin.
But collagen is also the structural element of bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments. It provides the structural scaffolding surrounding cells forming a mesh-like supportive network and environment in which cells develop and function and tissues and bones heal.

Collagen is also found in blood vessels, teeth, cartilage and the digestive tract. In fact if it weren’t for collagen our bodies would literally fall apart! So what can we do about falling collagen production as we age and in particular why is it important to address this around the menopause? As we near menopause our oestrogen levels reduce. This is what drives the reduction in collagen – leading to thinning, dryer skin and bone thinning which can make us more at risk of osteoporosis and bone fractures".

Dr Andie from Change the Change adds “We have robust evidence that HRT can help to boost collagen levels and skin thickness but this is only a part of the solution and not suitable for all. Testosterone and a lesser known hormone, DHEA also have a role in skin and bone health and considering diet and lifestyle factors as a part of the support we need at this life stage should be a priority.” 

Supplementing with hydrolysed collagen powder, like Ancient + Brave's True Collagen, has been shown to be beneficial to our health as we age. Numerous studies* have shown an improvement in skin elasticity, recovery of lost cartilage tissue, reduced joint pain, strengthened tendons and ligaments, increased lean body mass and increased bone-mineral density in post menopausal women.

90% of our body’s collagen is type 1, exactly as found in the Ancient + Brave True Collagen formula. And it’s easy to incorporate as part of a healthy diet + lifestyle which is particularly important to support a healthy menopause and long term health and vitality.

Francesca talks about the importance of supporting your body’s collagen production throughout the menopause and incorporates it in some of the recipes provided on their course. “Ensuring sufficient protein at this life-stage is critical to maintain muscle strength and tone, bone health, our ability to heal and fight infection, support liver detoxification processes and neurotransmitter production. Supplementing with hydrolysed collagen, like Ancient + Brave True Collagen, delivers complete concentrations and ratios of the amino acids needed to build a complete collagen molecule chain. What that means is that the body can utilise it quickly and effectively, making it great for ageing and exercise recovery and a great way to support skin, joints, bones, muscles throughout menopause and beyond.” 


Change the Change is an online modular course covering the science, food, relaxation, movement and HRT.

With 12 weeks access the short, view-on-demand webinars allow you to watch at a time that suits you. These are accompanied by a full live fitness timetable, 14 day food plan, breathwork and other practical relaxation and stress management techniques, and a private supportive Facebook group.

We've teamed up with Change the Change to offer you a 10% discount for their 'Transformation' course for the month of May. Visit their website and use the code: ancient10



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