Q+A Owning Your Menopause

Q+A Owning Your Menopause

Introducing Kate Rowe Ham: Owning Your Menopause 

Meet Kate Rowe Ham, a trailblazer in the realm of wellness and empowerment through the perimenopause and beyond. As author and founder of Owning Your Menopause, a book and online community dedicated to guiding women through this transformative life stage with confidence and vitality, Kate brings a wealth of knowledge and personal insight to her work. With a background in women's health coaching and a passion for fitness and nutrition, she is on a mission to debunk myths, challenge stigmas, and provide evidence-based support for women navigating menopause.  We sat down with Kate to chat about her exciting new podcast and how she aims to empower women to embrace menopause as a time of growth, renewal, and opportunity: 

  1. What inspired you to create "Owning Your Menopause," and how has it evolved since that first ember of an idea? 

I created OYM having experienced debilitating symptoms of perimenopause and not finding the information I so desperately needed being readily available. I felt lost, unheard and invisible and I didn’t want this to be my daughter's experience and thought in this day and age that no other woman should suffer. I set about changing this all to a familiar narrative. This led to the creation of the incredible community we now have supporting thousands of women.  

  1. Can you share a pivotal moment from your journey through perimenopause that led you to ‘flip the switch’ and create such a positive change in your life?

If I look back now I would say it was around the time my dad was diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer.  I found myself caring for him and managing the symptoms I was experiencing by drinking too much alcohol. My symptoms got worse and I wasn’t present enough for my family and my dad. So I set about honing in on what I needed to do alongside the HRT, that I had started, but wasn’t working to get strong.  That was December 2020 .

  1. In a society where menopause has traditionally been stigmatised or overlooked, how do you navigate the cultural narrative? What needs to change?

We need to normalise the conversations. We need to ensure that women don’t feel ashamed of this life stage by turning up the volume across the board. We need to include men, partners, family, friends and colleagues and let them in.  We need to understand that everyone's experience could be different due to different ethnicities and that support doesn’t look the same due to different socioeconomic groups and an element of a postcode lottery when it comes to HRT. We need education at all levels, especially ANY profession coming into contact with women at any age. 

  1. Your journey emphasises the importance of reframing our perceptions of menopause. How do you encourage women to shift their mindset and embrace this transition positively?

If we make the conversations positive and show how we can transform this life stage then we have the opportunity to bring women into a community and see how it’s possible. If we allow them to see the potential then it becomes positive.

  1. As a Women's Health Coach, what common misconceptions do you encounter about menopause, and how do you debunk them?

The biggest is you are too young. Any woman from the age of 38 who is experiencing symptoms is entitled to support. There are differences in biological and hormonal changes in women of different races and ethnicities.

Also, it is the end of the road… this is a time to reframe, rethink, refocus and throw out what no longer serves you.

It’s not all hot flushes and anger - there are around 60 signs and symptoms so make sure you track and build a picture. 

  1. Your book, "Owning Your Menopause: Fitter, Calmer, Stronger," an online platform offers a holistic approach to navigating this life stage. What are some key principles you advocate for in achieving this balance?

I do think it can be hard to find balance and I would say it’s almost a daily thing to try. This life stage can throw up many external challenges. Caring for sick or elderly parents, testing teenagers and general life stress BUT I do believe if you move your body in a way that feels good every day and you nourish it with a proper diet then you are setting yourself up for success.

  1. Can you elaborate on the connection between weightlifting and menopause? How does strength training specifically benefit women during this phase of life?

We need muscles for several reasons but focusing on this as we navigate menopause. 

By lifting weights we can build muscle which can help with movement, Stability and posture, joints, metabolism,  balancing sugar levels, overall health & well-being 

Regular exercise, in particular strength training, is essential to build and maintain muscle mass. It improves cardiovascular health, bone density, insulin sensitivity, and overall physical and mental well-being.

Muscles are essential for movement, stability, protection, metabolism, joint function, and overall health.

  1. Beyond physical health, how do you address the emotional and mental aspects of menopause in your coaching and community support?

We have a 24/7 help and support line. We have two specialist menopause GPs and an in-house nutritionist to ensure all support is evidence-based.  

  1. Your brilliant new podcast features a diverse range of guests including breathwork expert Anna Gough and menopause specialist Dr Naomi Potter - what are you excited to share with your audience? 

The positive experiences you can experience at this life stage. This is the positive menopause podcast and it will help all women feel seen,  supported and excited. 

  1. What advice do you have for women who feel overwhelmed or unsure about where to begin their fitness journey during menopause?

You just have to start. Start small and don’t set yourself huge unattainable goals. 

Equally, allow time, you will not be able to make changes overnight. You must allow 3-4 months and always base progress on how you feel. Are you sleeping better, Are you less anxious? Do you feel more energised?  These are better indicators of health than weight loss?

In terms of beginning the OYM app has a 4 week beginners course.

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