An introduction to Noble Collagen: the next generation supplement in joint health

An introduction to Noble Collagen: the next generation supplement in joint health


My own journey with joint health began rather unexpectedly as I entered my 40s. Up until then, my body seemed to play ball with whatever challenges I threw its way. But, as I joined the growing percentage of individuals who live with joint issues daily—60% of whom are women—I realised that my experience wasn't unique. In the UK alone, 10 million people in the UK are limited by joint issues (NHS), a problem second only to mental illness. Particularly striking is that joint issues are a lesser-known symptom of perimenopause—affecting 25% of women during this phase. 

Witnessing the widespread impact of joint issues and the personal toll it took on my own life, we wanted to develop a product that offers both effective and natural support for our joints to sustain an active life well into our later years.


Introducing Our New Ritual

We are thrilled to introduce Noble Collagen, the latest addition to our product line designed specifically to support joint health. Noble Collagen was born from the simple yet profound realisation: while our bodies are marvels of biological engineering, our physical activities hinge on our joints.  Joint health is the silent foundation upon which our daily lives are built. They serve as pivotal junctions within our bodies, enabling us to perform everyday tasks from the simple act of walking to bending to lift a child. We can take these simple movements for granted until they become challenging, and discomfort or pain arises.


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Your Body’s Natural Shock-Absorber

Central to the function of these vital structures is cartilage, a robust yet flexible shock absorber, buffering against the wear and tear of daily life.  Designed to withstand decades of dynamic use, damage to your cartilage can happen suddenly — like in my case through a sports injury or other trauma — but it can also break down with time as the joints bear the brunt of decades of activity across your life course.


When Joints Whisper Trouble

Any damage or injury to your cartilage can result in difficulty and pain when engaging in everyday activities. But, the ripple effect of joint discomfort extends beyond physical limitations, impacting mental health and leading to feelings of frustration and isolation. Fundamentally, joint health doesn't just impact our mobility, but also our sleep, quality of life, emotional health and overall sense of well-being, especially as we age. 

The Science Behind Noble Collagen

Ultimately we felt our joints deserve more. The current landscape of ingredients in joint health solutions can feel, frankly, underwhelming. Many are either synthetic, offer temporary relief, or have limited supporting scientific evidence. 


As a wellness brand specialising in collagen, we know that the type and source of collagen make a big difference when it comes to effectiveness. The human body contains over 28 different types of collagen, each with a unique amino acid composition. Type I Collagen, the most abundant type, is featured in our highly absorbable True and Wild Collagen. Scientific research supports the benefits of supplementing with hydrolysed Type I collagen peptides for comprehensive whole-body health, as it’s integral to nearly all connective tissues. 


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At the heart of our new Noble Collagen is Type II Collagen, which constitutes 95% of cartilage, acting as a dedicated guardian for your joints, ensuring mobility and comfort for an active lifestyle. Whereas type I collagen is most effective when taken as hydrolysed peptides, type II is best taken in its undenatured form, also known as native collagen. This means it retains its original triple-helix structure and has a different mechanism of action from type I collagen. Type II collagen interacts with the gut-associated lymphoid tissue (GALT) to promote a regulating immune response to worn-out collagen fragments in the joints, reducing inflammation and pain, preserving our cartilage against injury and ageing.


Derived from sustainably sourced chicken sternum, Type II collagen works at much lower doses than Type I, delivering clinically effective benefits at just 40 milligrams per day compared to 5-10 grams (1). This effectiveness at low doses is the primary reason for our decision to encapsulate it. At this low dose, Type II collagen is more effective than nearly 3 grams of the traditional joint health supplements glucosamine and chondroitin in reducing pain, stiffness and physical function mobility scores (2).  Noticeable improvements in joint comfort, flexibility and mobility are seen within 3 weeks of consistent supplementation, with more significant and sustained benefits gained from long-term consistent daily use.  



Drawing inspiration from nature—a theme that has deeply influenced my journey into holistic health— Noble Collagen is crafted with a beautiful botanical. Boswellia Serrata, also known as Indian Frankincense, is a powerful anti-inflammatory Ayurvedic herb used for centuries to treat rheumatic issues. This reflects my dedication and our commitment as a brand to blending historical wisdom with modern science, to curate time-tested and effective well-being products. 


The essential micronutrients, vitamin C and manganese, also feature in the unique Noble Collagen formulation because of their critical roles in joint and bone health. Vitamin C is vital for collagen production, enhancing the strength and flexibility of bones and cartilage. Manganese supports the formation of connective tissue and the maintenance of normal bones, crucial for enduring joint strength and mobility.


Designed For Your Active Life

Noble Collagen is crafted to support you—and me—as we embrace an active, 'Brave' lifestyle today and for many years to come. Whether it’s playing with my children—or perhaps future grandchildren—exploring new parts of the countryside or starting my day with a refreshing seafront run, I have experienced firsthand how essential robust joint health is for an active life. 


We developed Noble Collagen from our desire to continue enjoying the activities that fill our lives with joy and purpose. Our commitment is to help us all maintain the joys of movement for many years to come, ensuring each day is lived to its fullest potential. I invite you to join me on the journey to healthier joints, adding Noble Collagen to your daily ritual. Experience the powerful benefits of this synergistic formula in a simple once-a-day dose paired with our thoughtfully designed Ritual Box, to fit seamlessly into your daily wellness ritual. 


Collagen Harmony for Comprehensive Health

Why choose between Type I and Type II Collagen when your body benefits from both? Noble Collagen is not here to replace our beloved True and Wild Collagen. Instead, it is designed to be complementary. A daily dose of True or Wild Collagen supports overall whole body health, whereas Noble Collagen offers targeted joint health support, enhancing mobility and movement. Together, they provide comprehensive and synergistic benefits that nourish, rejuvenate, and empower you to live bravely.  And of course, our commitment to quality and sustainability shines through our entire collagen range giving you peace of mind that you are opting for purity, sustainability and effectiveness in your health journey.

In best of health, 

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