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How Collagen Pre-Workout Can Boost Your Performance

If you’re a fan of reading wellness blogs than you have no doubt heard of the benefits of collagen powder, for hair, skin and nails and perhaps fading the odd line or two. However, did you know that you could also use collagen pre-workout to optimise and boost the benefits of your exercise?

Collagen is a gelatinous substance found in our connective tissues and is key in keeping us strong and flexible. However, collagen production in the human body naturally declines as we age, which means supplementing with a quality internal collagen powder can be the most effective way at not only looking more youthful but feeling better on the inside too.


How collagen improves muscle mass and fat loss

So how can collagen support your exercise regime? Well, in a number of ways. collagen can be a great part of your pre-workout fuel. The amino acids, glycine and arginine naturally occur in collagen. This is important for athletes for three main reasons:

  1. It's role in the secretion of growth hormone,
  2. The fact they are key building blocks of creatine,
  3. How they work to increase nitric oxide. 

If we want to get maximum results for our efforts during our workout, then these factors could play a big role. Creatine has been shown to increase muscular strength and muscle fibre size. A 2015 study showed that men who supplemented their workouts with collagen saw a greater improvement in their fat-free mass, muscle strength, and fat loss.[2]

Take action: Prior to your workout, make yourself a drink of 4 scoops Coffee + Collagen or 2 scoops Cacao + Collagen with 250ml hot filtered water. Blend with True MCT for extra fat burning potential.

best way to boost fitness with collagen protein powder

How collagen can aid muscle repair and injury prevention

It’s not just pre-workout where collagen can do magic. Collagen has been shown to exert an anabolic effect on cartilage tissue. That is, it promotes growth, suggesting it can not only support muscle growth post workout, but also joint health, tendons and ligaments.


In a 2018 study looking at using collagen supplementation to improve ankle stability in athletes, there were some significant findings. Over a period of 6 months, the athletes were given an oral form of collagen peptides. The researchers’ data supported the theory, that collagen peptide supplementation in athletes with chronic ankle instability results in significant improvements in subjectively perceived ankle stability. The reduction in the re-injury rate of ankle sprains in the follow-up period was also very convincing for the benefits of collagen.

Read more: Collagen benefits: what is it, and what is it good for?


Take action: Post workout, blend up an anti-oxidant packed green smoothie of spinach, half an avocado, ground flaxseed and berries, and add in one sachet of True Collagen.


I often find trying to eat solid protein first thing in the morning, or straight after a workout, just doesn’t sit well in my stomach. For the powdered form of collagen pre-workout makes it convenient and easy to ingest, even when I’m on the go.

As someone who is on the go all day, injury prevention and recovery from workouts is top of my list of priorities. Taking True Collagen is like an insurance policy for my body, helping me from the inside, out.

An awesome resistance workout for you to try.

Complete all the exercises in Set 1, one after the after. Rest for a minute before repeating for a total of 3 rounds. Then move on to Set 2.

SET 1  - Do 3 x sets


1A        Kettlebell Goblet Squat x 15

1B        Bent Over Row x 12 each arm

1C        Weighted Russian Twist x 20



SET 2 - Do 3 x sets


2A        Kettlebell overhead walking lunge x 16

2B        Press Up x 12

2C        Plank shoulder tap x 20


Try Ancient + Brave True Collagen powder for pre and post workout recovery. 

Written by  Sarah Honey Lawson - founder of Honey Lawson Health - She is a Holistic Health Coach and Personal Trainer. Her mission is to enable over-stressed, busy women to increase energy and become properly nourished through exercise, nutrition, mindset and rest.

You can find Sarah on her online nutrition & exercise course, The 10 Minutes a Day Bootcamp, or you can join her in the Peak District in February, on her 2019 Retreat. 

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