A Moment with... Sophie Morgan

A Moment with... Sophie Morgan

Our "Moment with..." series is so important to us, as it shares with you an insight into some of the many (and there are many) people who we admire, and today is one of our long term fans, and someone we absolutely adore. Sophie Morgan, is a TV presenter Disability Rights Activist and an all-round superstar, so we loved catching up with her, and sending our five "Brave" questions her way ....

What's the most challenging thing you've done?

First things first, I would have to say adapting my life after a spinal cord injury caused by a car crash that left me paralysed from the chest down. But since then life has been a series of challenges! I love 'em! From presenting the Paralympics LIVE on Channel 4 to an audience of millions, to trekking ‘on foot’ across Nicaragua, speaking at the UN or confronting witch doctors for sacrificing disabled children.

What goes through your mind when you need to be brave?

I try to make myself breath from my belly to calm me down! And that helps calm me down and then I tend to sing something epic over and over in my mind. When I learnt to ski I was singing Tears for Fears!!

Do you have a ritual physically or mentally that you practice every day

I intermittently fast every day, eating at around 12, 4 and 8pm. I normally start the day with an Ancient + Brave Coffee and Collagen and a shot of ACV & powered greens then I have  Chescots porridge for breakfast on the go! I also always take a probiotic like Symprove and make sure I take vitamin D. I've started using Calm to help me practice meditation everyday.

What's the one thing you really must do to be at your best?

Sleep!! Sleep and more sleep. I don’t ever feel I get enough. I also make sure I get B12 injections each month thanks to the wonderful Morgan (@b12energise).

Describe what 'self-care' means to you.

For me its telling my inner critic to shut up and chill out. I balance a variety of jobs as well as manage my disability and often forget to let myself stop and rest. I also think self care is about accepting how you are different and being at peace with yourself. 


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