The Wellness Breakdown Podcast with Rose Ferguson and Eve Kalinik

The Wellness Breakdown Podcast with Rose Ferguson and Eve Kalinik


It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of Rosemary Ferguson and Eve Kalinik here at Ancient + Brave. We’ve taken on their top tips, read their articles, loved their books, made their recipes and of course tuned in each week to their hit podcast ‘The Wellness Breakdown’.

The Wellness Breakdown podcast invites you to settle in for a conversation between the two friends who bring their wisdom of wellness as Nutritional Therapists, Authors and Functional Medicine Practitioners. Their relatable dialogue draws from their combined years of expert insight, addressing the questions around the myriad wellness trends you really want answered.

We’re delighted to be sponsors of their third season where they’ll be exploring everything from fertility, adrenal health, menopause, plant-based milks and so much more.

We sat down with Rose and Eve to get the low-down on the Wellness Breakdown.

Congratulations on launching your third season! To tune in head to The Wellness Breakdown Podcast, or click to find out more about hosts Rose Ferguson and Eve Kalinik.




You cover so many brilliant topics in the new season, which one/s are you most excited to delve into?


I'm really looking forward to the "The Rise of Semaglutide - Our Thoughts on the Matter" episode. It's buzzing in the health world, and I'm looking forward to talking about its impact on weight management and diabetes. It is a controversial one – are the potential benefits outweighed by the risks? Is it a better way than lifestyle and nutrition?

And this one… how bad is bread and are there any good loaves out there? We LOVE our bread as a population – but there is an awful lot of crap out there – I know both of us are fans of bread – and I look forward to explaining why some are MUCH better than others.


What's different / new about the TWB since the last season?


We have decided to take the podcast in a new direction this season to enable us to broach more complex and confusing topics. We believe this will give the listener more insight into areas that we feel we can dive into in much more detail as well as sharing our personal journeys. As such, we will be covering issues such as how young is too young to consider our fertility, are plant-based milks and meat full of rubbish and navigating peri-menopause as just a few teasers. We will still be having guests on who we feel can enrich some of the topics further. 




As health professionals we are always learning and evolving our approach as the landscape of health information develops. Are there any approaches or trends in health and nutrition you’ve had a personal u-turn on and changed your stance?


The field of functional medicine and nutrition is a rapidly evolving one, learning and adapting are ongoing – there is new research being carried out all the time. 

Intermittent Fasting Windows and Stress Reduction - My evolving stance on intermittent fasting, particularly regarding the duration of the eating window, has been significantly influenced by my MSc dissertation last year and a deeper understanding of stress and its impact on health. Initially intrigued by the potential benefits of shorter eating windows, my approach has shifted towards recommending a more manageable 10-12 hour eating window for most individuals. This shift is rooted in the realisation that overly restrictive fasting windows can inadvertently add stress to individuals' lives, potentially counteracting the health benefits fasting aims to provide. Stress, whether physiological or psychological, can impair metabolic health, disrupt hormonal balance, and hinder overall well-being.

By advocating for a more moderate fasting window, I aim to strike a balance that minimizes stress, supports the body's natural circadian rhythms, and aligns with individuals' lifestyles and bodily cues. This approach also emphasises the importance of developing a positive relationship with food. It encourages individuals to listen to their bodies, eat nourishing meals without guilt, and maintain a flexible mindset towards fasting. The goal is to integrate intermittent fasting into one's life in a way that promotes health without sacrificing mental well-being or fostering a restrictive mentality around food.

This perspective underlines the broader principle that wellness strategies should enhance, not detract from a client’s (or anyone’s) quality of life. 


Have you got any new health/wellness daily rituals this year that you’re enjoying?


I try to focus on consistency with what I am doing already and try to reinforce that with my clients. For any ritual to have any marked impact and significant benefits it needs to be done regularly rather than changing around too much. With that in mind I never miss my morning A+B collagen which has become ingrained in my day to day routine. I also very much enjoy the process of making my daily matcha - which we both talk about in our matcha dedicated episode. And I’m a big advocate of meditation whether that’s straight up or in the form of breathing exercises so I never miss my daily mindful practise. All that being said I’ve recently got into face yoga which has been super interesting so I’ll keep you posted on that and perhaps may end up as a conversational topic on the pod at some point! 


To listen to the new series, head to The Wellness Breakdown Podcast.

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