The Nutrition Team’s Favourite Products

The Nutrition Team’s Favourite Products

Here at the Ancient + Brave office we are all, of course, avid fans of our full range of beautiful blends. We're fortunate to have them readily available in our office kitchen, and we all frequently indulge in them throughout our working days to keep us feeling nourished, energised, and alert.

However, we do all have that one ‘go to’ product that we simply cannot get enough of! Let’s open the office doors and hear from the nutrition team which product is their absolute favourite.. 

Jo - Head Of Nutrition 

“It’s so hard to choose, but the one product I feel lost without is True Hydration. There’s a few times across the week having a super clean, yet delicious electrolyte is ideal. I love taking it to my gym classes, having it on hand if I’m lucky enough to have a sauna session and before I go to bed if I’ve had the occasional glass of wine! Some mornings I wake up feeling as if I need to rehydrate my body and so on those days it becomes part of my morning ritual before my coffee + collagen. The subtle yet salty coconut water taste takes me right back to fun times in the sun too! Speaking of which, True Hydration is an absolute must for any travel I do, not only to stay hydrated in warmer climates but to buffer any effects of air travel which can be so drying for our body.” 


Jenna - Head Of Innovation 

“As the Head of Innovation, I am dedicated to exploring how new innovations and natural ingredients can enhance our health and wellness. Among our diverse range of products, Noble collagen has a special place in my daily wellness ritual. Noble Collagen offers targeted support for joint health, which is essential for sustaining my active lifestyle, especially as I get older. I particularly love how it complements my True Collagen ritual, promoting overall whole-body health. To seamlessly integrate Noble Collagen into my daily life, I use our specially designed Ritual Case, which helps me maintain consistency effortlessly.”


Katie - Nutritional Therapist

“I couldn’t decide - I have to choose two! I LOVE True Collagen - it makes me feel like I am future proofing my body, and also really helps reduce the symptoms of arthritis in my hand. I also LOVE Cacao + Collagen;  it has replaced my cravings for afternoon treats...I find it rich and satisfying. Then True Hydration is my go to for a pick me up mid morning.”

Mercy - Retail + Development Coordinator

“I cannot live without the Cacao + Collagen. As a PT, I am always on the move and have a very active lifestyle and the Cacao + Collagen offers the perfect blend of indulgence and functionality. I mix it into my oats in the morning to keep me feeling satiated and energised through the day, with Ashwagandha to help reduce stress and a dose of collagen for the extra protein. The addition of cinnamon, beetroot, carob and baobab make this so much more than just a regular cacao powder - it tastes delicious and I look forward to it every morning.”

Evie - Innovation Assistant 

“The True Hydration blend, particularly in their sachet form, has become a staple in my morning / workout routine. I love to run, swim, and practice yoga, so optimal hydration is also key to perform my best and recover well. The versatile sachets mean I can choose to hydrate anywhere and anytime, whether that is mid-run, gym session, or with a cold and refreshing glass of water in the morning. I often add a sachet to my water bottle, which doesn’t leave my side throughout the day and allows me to re-hydrate easily and consistently. It is also fantastic for improving my mental clarity and performance in an office-based work environment. I also love how there are no artificial flavours, or sweeteners, yet the faint coconut taste is lovely. Chicory root inulin is fantastic for my digestive health.”

Jenni - Copywriter / Nutrition Assistant 

“Such a difficult decision but the stand out product for me has to be Radiant Collagyn. As someone who struggles with their skin, I was thrilled to discover that Ancient + Brave had formulated a blend which targets many areas of the body which require support for skin health such as collagen synthesis, protection of cells, the gut, the immune system and liver health. The delightful combination of berries and beetroot brings about a delicious richness and refreshing sensation to the blend, which I thoroughly enjoy. With every sip, I feel like my body is receiving a vibrant boost of antioxidants and botanicals that it craves for healthy skin from within.” 

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