The Healthy Hot Chocolate

The Healthy Hot Chocolate

The secret to our great tasting Cacao + Collagen is found within the delicate balance of three intensely flavoured botanicals - organic raw cacao, organic cocoa and organic carob. Blended to perfection to create a velvety smooth, deliciously luxurious and delightfully healthy chocolate experience, brought to life by a pinch of pink Himalayan salt. Each serving contains 2000mg of hydrolysed collagen peptides which have far reaching benefits of body and beauty.


Kate Prince, founder of Ancient + Brave is highly experienced in sourcing quality botanicals which is why we use a high-grade Peruvian raw cacao, prized for containing nutrients such as magnesium, iron and zinc and phytonutrients. Raw cacao is a well-known mood food since it contains theobromine and other natural bioactive compounds, some of which may support endorphin and neurotransmitter balance. Carob is naturally sweet, tastes like chocolate and contains a whole range of nutrients including fibre, calcium (twice as much compared to cocoa), iron, potassium, manganese, magnesium, gallic acid and pectin. That’s an impressive collection of nutrients! Finally, there’s a sprinkling of intense chocolatey organic cocoa which naturally contains fibre, polyphenols, iron, magnesium and theobromines and phenylethylamine attributed to possible mood enhancing properties.  

Best Quality Organic Raw Peruvian Cacao


Any skin expert or nutritionist is likely to say that once you hit 30, you need to pay extra attention to your skin. From this age onwards, the rate at which skin cells naturally replenish and renew collagen starts to decline, making way for those visible signs of premature skin ageing. Your daily skin ritual requires more than just topical hydrating skin serums. To truly penetrate those deep dermal layers, utilising hydrolysed collagen peptides to nourish your skin from within could deliver effective, longer-lasting results.

Each cup of Cacao + Collagen contains a generous 2000mg of highly absorbable, superior grade, Type 1 hydrolysed collagen peptides. Unlike other brands, you’ll find that these hydrolysed collagen peptides are completely pure, odourless and tasteless so you don’t get distracted from your chocolatey experience.


One of the benefits of having negligible amounts of caffeine compared to Coffee + Collagen is that the Cacao + Collagen can be enjoyed from breakfast all the way to bedtime! The carefully selected botanicals blended in Cacao + Collagen each individually contribute and complement the overall flavour experience and together they offer a serving of freshly brewed benefits.


Modern lifestyles and demanding working and living schedules are often taxing on our mood, energy, focus and ability to think clearly. Nootropics are a collection of nutrients and natural bioactive compounds which help dissipate brain fog and support cognitive function. The nootropics in Cacao + Collagen include theobromine naturally present in the cacao bean alongside adaptogenic ashwagandha which helps build resilience to stress. These botanical beauties could just help you stay cool, calm and collected no matter how challenging your day becomes.


Adding 1-2 teaspoons of medium chain triglycerides, also known as MCT oil, to your freshly brewed cup of Cacao + Collagen is a bullet technique popular with ketogenic diets. Adding MCT oil takes the nootropic factor to another level. These MCT get transported to the liver where they become readily converted into ketones which our body and brain cells may utilise to fuel cellular metabolism, when glucose levels run low. The Ancient + Brave True MCT Oil is incredibly pure, sustainably sourced from coconuts and completely flavourless, a clean and easy addition to your morning or afternoon brew.  

KETO Bulletproofing your hot Cacao + Collagen


One of the major benefits of a cup of Cacao + Collagen is that every serving contains a generous 2000mg of hydrolysed collagen peptides to help nourish your skin from within. Collagen is a key structural protein found, not just in the skin, but also in connective tissue, cartilage and bone tissue, so don’t go underestimating the importance of this vital protein. Incorporating hydrolysed collagen peptides into your daily beauty routine is a valuable step for skin anti-ageing rituals. To take this up another level, you can always add a serving of True Collagen to your brew.


The world of fasting has become immensely popular and there are now a wide range of fasting styles to choose from. If you are wanting to explore one of these wellness strategies then it’s a good idea to start with one of the easier styles of fasting such as time restricted eating or intermittent fasting (5:2 or 16:8) and build your way up to keto fasting or even clean fasting – not for the faint hearted!

Whichever strategy you choose, be prepared for some common fasting challenges, as there will likely be times when you feel tired, hungry, depleted and tempted towards a snack. It’s times like these when brewing a comforting mug of Cacao + Collagen could help you through. With its low carb, low sugar, and low calorie values, Cacao + Collagen has been cleverly designed to provide nutritional support and nourishment to suit most fasting guidelines. Taken in-between meals or during the last few hours of your fasting window, the high protein and high fibre contained in each serving provides nourishment to help you easily achieve your fasting goals.


Fibre has a good reputation for its involvement in blood sugar balance and helping promote a feeling of fullness. A cup of Cacao + Collagen contains a good source of fibre (just under 3g per serving) ideal for satisfying those mid-morning or late afternoon chocolate cravings and a handy way to cut back on snacks and establish healthier food habits. One of the downsides associated with some types of extreme fasting strategies is occasional digestive discomfort. Fibre is an important macronutrient for digestive health and gut microbiome and Cacao + Collagen contains a natural source of fibre present from the incredible botanicals found in this nourishing blend.


Ancient + Brave are meticulous about sourcing beautiful organic botanicals, blending them together and crafting products that are balanced in terms of flavour and functionality. Nothing is added to these blends without good reason. The three botanicals in Cacao + Collagen contain bioactive phytonutrients that synergistically enrich the natural cacao flavour and provide additional benefits.

Cacao + Collagen Ingredients - Beetroot, Cinnamon and Baobab Graphic

  • Sweet cinnamon: There’s something incredibly nostalgic and homely about the taste and aroma of the culinary spice, cinnamon. Originating from Indonesia and China, cinnamon is a tree bark used as an important botanical in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. Researchers are uncovering how this aromatic spice may help regulate blood sugar balance and the sweet cinnamon in Cacao + Collagen supports and enhances the natural sweetness of the cacao, carob and cocoa.
  • Earthy beetroot: Beautiful deep pink and rich in earthy beet flavours this incredible ingredient is being researched for its potential role in supporting cardiovascular health. The nutrients found in beetroot include folate, vitamin C, manganese, potassium, fibre, nitrates and several beneficial plant compounds including the deep red plant pigment, betanin. So why add this earthy beet to Cacao + Collagen? Well, it’s the intensely delicious organic beetroot powder which adds depth, richness and a velvety texture to this heavenly brew.
  • Creamy baobab : originating in Africa, the baobab tree produces a hard fruit with a shell, like coconut, full of nutritious pulp. Ancient + Brave selected this botanical to become part of the Cacao + Collagen formula because it offers a rich creamy smooth texture and slightly sweet flavour, a perfect pairing to the bittersweet raw cacao and cocoa ingredients. It’s also hard to ignore baobab’s nutritional credentials. Baobab is unusually nutrient dense, bursting with vitamin C (three times that of an orange) and nearly 50% fibre.

Every now and again we all need a restorative cup of chocolatey goodness to help us unwind and relax. Now, with Cacao + Collagen you can revel in chocolate heaven whilst enjoying a brew that also contributes nutritional value towards your brain, body and beauty wellbeing.



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