Q+A with Sophie Morgan

Q+A with Sophie Morgan

It's safe to say we see Sophie Morgan as the true embodiment of the Brave Life. A BAFTA nominated TV presenter, producer, writer, disability rights advocate and artist, Sophie banishes limitations and rebels against societal expectations about what she 'can do'. She has taken risks in her work and has overcome many challenges - which is why we couldn't wait to sit down with her to talk about what it means to her to live a brave and active lifestyle.

Sophie, your inspiring story is one of true bravery, resilience and adaptation. Our brand and our ethos are all about living a brave lifestyle. We have seen on your social media that bravery is clearly in your nature (hello skydiving!). Have you always had this tenacious and rebellious spirit?

I think so! I don't remember a time when I wasn't, but certainly, over the years, my ability to 'feel the fear and do it anyway' has taken me to some incredible places. The way I see it is, if I let my fear stop me from trying new things, then I would be even more disabled than I already am! Living with paralysis makes me want to push my limits, challenge myself, and defy my own inner ableism. If I happen to shift other people's ideas of what it means to be Disabled at the same time, then it is a win win!


Throughout your journey, you have really transformed the representation of disability on screen. What helps you to show up with confidence and perseverance?

I have grown into confidence over the years, thanks to perseverance. But I’m always riddled with a sense of inadequacy and have a very critical inner-voice telling me that my success isn't down to my talent or hard work but box-ticking. 

Insecurity is hard to overcome, but I work daily to prove myself I am wrong! Over the years I have found it imperative to show up with confidence as so often people expect wheelchair users to be the exact opposite. I think in trying to prove them wrong, I have effectively changed how I show up.

We have spotted that you enjoy a workout in the Gym! What daily rituals and goals do you prioritise to support your physical and mental well-being?

I do love hitting the Gym; I have a great PT in LA who doesn't hold back when it comes to pushing me! I wish I could see him daily, but my work schedule does not permit it. The only daily rituals I seem to be able to stick to wherever I am in the world are a gut-health shot first thing on an empty stomach, VERY loud music whilst I make my black coffee with Ancient + Brave collagen, and, if I am able, a 30 min work out on my SkiErg. Rituals have always been complex for me, but I do my best! Having a capsule dispenser keeps me on track with the essentials; the Ancient + Brave Noble Collagen Ritual Case is a game changer to keep me on top of my commitment to maintaining better health.  



We're a huge supporter of women in business here at Ancient + Brave with our own female founder at the helm. As one of the first female TV presenters in the world with a physical disability, what are the biggest challenges you have had to overcome?

I followed in the tracks of some incredible trailblazers and, in turn, forged my own path, which, as a wheelchair user, is often par for the course. There were doors that opened more easily as representation became more inclusive. Still, equally, some doors needed bashing down, and I think the hardest challenge I have faced is having to do this whilst also living with a physical disability that frequently gets in the way of my ability to live. Not only am I unable to walk, but my spinal injury also left me incontinent, unable to regulate my temperature, with a lack of sexual function, with secondary complications such as pressure sores, UTIs, and chronic pain; it’s a lot. Trying to juggle a career and a disability and, at the same time, overcome the multiple physical and attitudinal barriers that this world throws at wheelchair users has been extremely challenging. The fact I am still trying, still going, I think, is the thing of which I am most proud.  

One of the greatest challenges women encounter is the transformations our bodies undergo throughout the years. From an early age, you were required to adjust to a significant change in your own body. What guidance would you offer to women who are struggling with accepting the changes they are experiencing in their bodies?

I wish I had some profound advice, but I’m as at odds with the ageing process as anyone. My hair has been thinning due to stress, my skin showing signs of ageing rapidly due to poor skincare when I was younger (baby oil for a sun tan was about all I would use!), and my metabolism is changing, forcing me to adapt my diet and lifestyle. None of these changes have been welcome! However, what I have realised after nearly twenty years of being physically disabled, it is ok not to totally love every part of yourself. The concept of body positivity isn't one I agree with; I prefer to strive for neutrality. I remind myself that I am so lucky and privileged to be alive and have a body that can keep up with my wild and unpredictable life. Change is hard; it takes time. Don't beat yourself up if you aren't in love with the changes in your body; just be kind to yourself. You are doing your best.



Who would you say has been your biggest inspiration?

The extraordinary Kris Hallenga, the founder of Coppafeel, who recently passed away, has greatly inspired my attitude to gratitude and living with purpose and passion. Frida Kahlo, the artist, is my forever inspiration, too. Her paintings have impacted my life in so many ways. 

Do you have a favourite A+B product? How do you incorporate our products into your daily ritual?

The new Noble Collagen is a firm fave, and I am so excited to incorporate it into my daily routine alongside True Collagen, which I have in my coffee daily. The other product I adore is True Hydration; it's so effective at helping me get the electrolytes I need, as I tend to be quite dehydrated. I also love the Cacao + Collagen before bed, so tasty!

We are all so excited about our latest product launch - Noble Collagen. What aspect of Noble excites you the most?

Being able to look after my joints is paramount to me, as I’m such an active person. So, I am excited - and relieved - to be starting my journey with Noble Collagen, knowing how good it will be over time. The wear and tear on my shoulders is beginning to get in the way of some of the exercises I enjoy. Plus, it is so easy to factor it into the daily ritual—what's not to love!

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