How does Vegan Collagen work? - Is Collagen Vegan?

Is Collagen Vegan?

The short answer is: Yes, it can be. With our extensive knowledge of Type 1 hydrolysed collagen and the phenomenally important role this protein molecule plays in our body, we were passionate about creating a vegan collagen as a plant-based alternative to our True Collagen range. Our new innovative Collagyn products offer all the beauty, fasting and wellness benefits of True Collagen in a clever, plant-based formula, that delivers so much more than your average skin and beauty supplements.


Collagen is built from 18-20 amino acids with over 30% being formed from just three key amino acids (glycine, proline and hydroxyproline). Up until now, products on the market claiming to be vegan collagen formulas tend to contain vitamin C as their only active ingredient or simply provide insufficient amounts of these three key amino acids from synthetic sources. Our Collagyn collection was the first vegan collagen UK supplement range to provide not three but five key collagen specific amino acids – glycine, proline, hydroxyproline, arginine and alanine – proudly sourced from vegan and fermented sources with a plethora of bioactive phytonutrients and generous amounts of vitamin C and iodine to support collagen formation and normal skin function.

Best Vegan Collagen with 21 amino acids, Vitamin C and Vitamin D.


Collagen is an important structural component of skin, bones, cartilage and connective tissue and our natural levels of collagen diminish as we age. Supporting and protecting collagen is vital for all skin renewal and anti-ageing rituals. Damage from oxidative stress generated by pollutants, metabolic toxins and harmful free radicals may greatly contribute to accelerated and premature skin ageing. Nutrients such as vitamin C and the plethora of bioactive compounds naturally present in the beautiful botanicals found in our Collagyn range help to protect cells from oxidative stress and contribute to the overall functionality and flavours of these advanced nutrition formulas.


The Collagyn products are incredibly delicious when made with hot or cold plant mylk (or milk) for a filling brew with real benefits. Alternatively, you can easily add any of the Collagyn products to your morning smoothie as an important step for your daily skin and wellbeing rituals. Added to water, these nourishing blends also provide valuable nutrition support for those following fasting strategies, biohacking, plant-based ketogenic diets and any low carb or low sugar diets. It is your perfect daily supplement for modern life!


We are passionate about lifestyle strategies that allow our bodies to naturally rejuvenate. One of the main concerns for anyone following a fasting strategy is how to avoid cravings and easily achieve your fasting window while maximising fat burning and ketosis. Our vegan Collagyn collection provides key nourishment to help you feel fuller for longer and provides key nourishment to help sustain you through those last few challenging hours of your fast. See our Brave Fast Guidelines for tips on how our nutritious vegan collagen supplements provide support for successful fasting.

Vegan Collagyn with active botanicals for the brain


To suit a variety of taste buds, our new Collagyn range is available in three great flavours, each with a unique and impressive list of individual health benefits. Full details of the health benefits of vegan collagen can be found in our Collagyn Collection Health Benefits information.

NAKED COLLAGYN for the body

Naturally neutral in flavour and designed to support collagen formation, energy and metabolism, muscle tone and immune support. Naked Collagyn has been created for those who follow an active, sporty or busy lifestyle and contains additional glucosamine sulphate, MCT oil powder and MSM to help support physical wellbeing.


Warmly spiced with turmeric, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon and black pepper and designed to support collagen formation, mood, focus, mental performance, cognitive function and stress resilience. Inspired Collagyn has been especially created for those with demanding or stressful or over-zealous lifestyles and contains additional Ayurvedic botanicals and adaptogenic ashwagandha for restful mindful wellbeing.


Tangy berry flavour with raspberry, haskap, rosehip and beetroot and designed to support collagen formation and protection, skin function, skin tone and complexion and help protect cells from cellular oxidative stress. Radiant Collagyn has been especially created for those with the visible signs of premature skin ageing, commuters, city dwellers and urban lifestyles.

Radiant Collagyn for Beauty - delicious vegan Collagen drink


We pride ourselves in sourcing beautiful new botanicals and plant-based nutrients that enhance both flavour and performance. While creating our vegan collagen formulas we have uncovered some amazing novel ingredients that have real promise in terms of their wellness credentials. Here's a shortlist of just a few of our favourite newcomers:

  • Chickpea protein powder – a new protein powder with an impressive amino acid profile, chickpea protein powder perfect neutral flavour and plant-based creamy texture.
  • Haskap berry – native to the cooler climates of Poland, Russia, Canada and Japan this beautiful purple haskap berry is naturally rich in anthocyanidins which help to protect cells from oxidative stress generated by UV and other pollutants and free radicals.
  • Hebridean seaweed extract – sustainably harvested from pristine waters surrounding the remote islands of the Scottish Outer Hebrides, full of minerals, trace minerals and polyphenols. Each of our Collagyn blends has over 100% NRV of iodine from this cherished seaweed.
  • Vegan vitamin D3 – present as cholecalciferol a highly absorbable form of vitamin D3 that's sustainably produced, carefully extracted and gently dried from a special form of algae. According to the British Nutrition Foundation 1 in 5 people in the UK have low levels of vitamin D with vegans being at higher risk of deficiency. Collagyn contains a more than substantial 800% NRV of vitamin D3 for vegan peace of mind.


The best way to use your vegan collagen substitute is to blend 1-2 teaspoons of your favourite Collagyn with hot or cold plant milk. Or if you are already in the habit of starting your day with a morning smoothie, then just add in 1-2 teaspoons of Collagyn and blend until smooth. You can find lots of vegan collagen smoothie ideas on our IG and FB sites and our top tips for vegan collagen smoothie flavours are as follows:

  • Naked Collagyn – delicious in cacao or green smoothies.
  • Inspired Collagyn – great with coconut milk smoothies or tropical fruits.
  • Radiant Collagyn – adds an extra layer of tanginess that suits any berry blend.

Best Smoothie Ideas with vegan Collagen

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