Cacao + Reishi: Origin Story

Cacao + Reishi: Origin Story



Nothing makes me happier than getting home, kicking off my shoes, popping on my old trusty tracky b’s and cocooning myself my very own blanket of self care. A combination of flopping on my sofa with comfort food in the oven and a candle lit hot bath to look forward to is an essential part of my day. Sometimes I find this easier said than done, but as much as I possibly can, I make home-time, my-time. It is the time when I focus on myself and take stress levels down a notch. 

Of course, it doesn’t always come easy. Life can feel pretty overwhelming at times - juggling twin teenage boys with work and life stress can definitely be a handful. But for me, creating pockets in the day when I can take myself to a happy place is a game changer for my health and wellbeing. Without really realising, my evening rituals have always been an important to me -  I am so much more of a morning person…mornings for me are all about go go go, whereas my evenings are my downtime, they are my precious quiet time to reflect and I truly believe help me with my sleep, my stress and my overall happiness.



Long before I became a Nutritionist, I have always cared about what I eat and drink and listen to what my body needs at certain times of the day (whilst of course, maintaining some sort of balance - life is for living, right?). I am especially mindful about what I drink and eat before I head into bed. I don’t like to go to bed overly ‘full’, but I like to climb into bed comforted. As part of my evening ritual I have always had a warm drink. I am pretty sure this comes from my childhood when my Granny used to make me warm milk with a dash of sugar. In more recent years, I've noticed that I crave something sweet but not too sweet at the end of the day. Cacao + Collagen has always been a long time favourite of mine. I love this warming drink that gives me a delicious comfort in a mug.

It turns out, it isn’t just me who has been relying on this warming drink to support their rest and wind down rituals, it has been a real hero product for so many. With the success of Cacao + Collagen we knew there was an opportunity to take our Cacao drink to the next level to create the perfect end of day drink which can be enjoyed by those both following (and not following) a plant-based diet.


This is where Reishi came in, crowned ‘queen of mushrooms’ and renowned for its calming qualities. Reishi is a truly wonderful functional mushroom that supports relaxation, encourages natural wind-down and beautifully helps you centre yourself. Whatsmore, it promotes deep sleep whilst supporting immune health and enhancing the body’s natural defence. 

The beautiful addition of Cacao + Reishi is no ordinary chocolate drink - it is literally a little mug of soothing magic. Vegan friendly, rich, soporific and perfect at nighttime - it instantly gives you inner warmth whilst uplifting your spirits. Each sip is a warming, rich cacao elixir, and it somehow encourages full immersion into the moment, kissing goodbye to any stresses or negativity from the day.


Together with our high-grade Cacao, which is high in fibre, polyphenols, iron and magnesium is the ultimate self love support. Cacao is often referred to as the "food of the gods" and has a rich history. Used for thousands of years, it has gained a divine status in different cultures for its ceremonial rituals as well as ancient medicinal benefits. This frothy and highly prized drink was mainly consumed by the elite and celebrated for its heart-opening qualities that helps you release emotional blockages while soothing the body and mind. 

I honestly can’t think of a better combination and like many of our ancestors, creating ceremonial rituals to help support our mind and bodies as we end our day, is always a good idea and if you haven’t tried a Cacao + Reishi blend, this will become part a key component of your evening wind down ritual. 




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