Ateh Jewel Q&A

Ateh Jewel Q&A

Ateh Jewel is an award-winning journalist, broadcaster, and founder of Ateh Jewel Beauty. With 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, she specialises in social commentary and advocates for greater diversity in the beauty sector. Her efforts in this area were recognised with the CEW 2020 Achiever Award.

Ateh also established an educational foundation that provides financial support to black and mixed heritage students, helping them access universities and arts programs. Ateh believes in the power of education, representation and visibility in driving real social change. 

Ateh is renowned for her beaming smile and signature pink accessories, making her the human form of sunshine! She is a truly empowering individual who exudes vibrancy, self-expression, and joy - it’s no wonder we couldn’t wait to sit down with her. 


Ateh, we greatly admire your work as an advocate for diversity in the beauty industry. What challenges have you encountered as a journalist and broadcaster in this field?

I’ve been fighting for more diversity throughout my entire career. Even me just being in the room was an act of advocacy. There are so many invisible rules and I knew early on in my career I would never be made a beauty director as my face, hair and body didn’t fit what that looked like back in the early 00s so I went freelance and worked so hard to prove a point it wasn’t me that wasn’t enough.


I’ve been TV presenting since 2020 following Black Lives Matter movement and the world changing, which I love and feel I was built for. I’m lucky I can get to shine and be seen and be my authentic self,  but I could have been doing what I’m doing now for 20 years. 


I’ve always pushed for more inclusive shades, pigments with punch which show up on deeper skin tones and make up and products which makes everyone feel empowered and joyful. The beauty industry shows you what the world and culture thinks of you whether that’s being invisible or undervalued. I’m here to change that. I see you and I salute you and I want you to shine- it’s why my brand and being me is so important to me. 


Where do you see the beauty industry heading in terms of diversity and inclusion, and how do you plan to contribute to that future?

I love the beauty industry and it’s changed so much in the last 29 years I have been in it. Back in the day everyone looked the same and a diverse foundation launch would be 5 shades of foundation with Beyonce shade being the darkest. Inclusivity for me means everyone is seen and celebrated and there’s space for everyone to shine. I hope being my most authentic self helps people and invited them to do the same. That’s how we change the world. 


Amidst the sea of minimalistic and often clinical branding in the beauty industry, we are captivated by the vibrant and colourful essence of your beauty line - Ateh Jewel Beauty. It embodies celebration, self-expression, and joy - mirroring your vibrant personality. Could you share more about your brand philosophy and what inspired you to start it?

Thanks so much. I only wore black until the pandemic and I just decided to not care anymore and be myself and I exploded into colour and being so much more joyful. It was very liberating ironically when I thought all bets were off and it was the end of the world. The lessons it taught be was to turn up as myself and I love pink and wanted my brand to be an ode to joy and being yourself. I created the blushes to pop on all skin tones and be nourishing and nurturing so there’s no silicone, it’s vegan, cruelty free and is packed full of skin loving ingredients such as Shea butter, aloe Vera and squalane. My philosophy is everyone is invited to my beauty party! 

What future plans do you have for Ateh Jewel Beauty? Are there any new projects or initiatives you’re excited about?

I have new blush shades which are my desert island product it just makes everyone pop and look and feel glowy and healthy! I also have 20 shades of foundations it took over 5 years to develop ready to rock and roll! I’m so excited to bring these skincare with colour foundations to market as they are the foundations I really want and never seen on the market in my 23 years in the beauty industry. 

It's not just the blush that pops with colour; you yourself seem like such a radiant person, always beaming with positivity. What helps you maintain this happy, confident, and positive spirit?

Thanks so much. I think we all have a choice when it comes to our happiness. We are in control of how we respond to the bullshit. I try and resound with love, kindness and peace. It’s about protecting my joy and not letting people bad vibrations bring you down!

How important would you say exercise and movement is in keeping up your energy and positivity? 

It’s everything! I gained 11 stone in my marriage, gave myself type 2 diabetes and  doubled in size. I was eating my feelings and was really numb. Now I’ve learnt to use my voice, be my most authentic self, express myself, move, dance, walk and hit the gym with my incredible personal trainer @bebefitnesscoach @bamford. I also love ballet with my friend and teacher @karisscarlette and love to batty roll with my friend @bonnieparsons @sosdanceglobal. Dancing brings me so much peace, happiness and joy. 

It's not just the blush that pops with colour; you yourself seem like such a radiant person, always beaming with positivity. What helps you maintain this happy, confident, and positive spirit?


As advocates for a holistic approach to well-being, we believe that movement is an essential pillar of a healthy lifestyle. We also think that for movement to be sustainable, it needs to be fun, and this is something you talk about on your social media platforms. What would you say is your favourite form of movement, and how do you ensure it remains enjoyable whilst being beneficial for your health?

Dancing is my favourite form of movement for sure as I wanted to be a dancer and gave up on my dream as I was told black bodies aren’t elegant enough for ballet which is such nonsense. I started dancing ballet at 40 and it’s been so healing! I also love yoga with @maudehirst and Pilates with @chloespilates and somatic movement with my friend @thehumanmethoduk. It’s so healing to reconnect with your body and it’s helped me to heal once I put my mind, body and spirit together again through movement.


With your 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, you must have plenty of tips and tricks up your sleeve. Could you share some insights into your daily skincare and beauty routine?

Cleansing really does deal with 99% of issues and people don’t do a proper cleanse. I love to use a gel in the morning, and double cleanse in the evening with an oil and balm,I love Dermalogica, Elemis cleansing balm, Votary Cleansing oil with rose geranium and lots of others I have on rotation.


In addition to managing a busy work schedule, you're also a mother to two beautiful daughters. As a busy working mum, how do you prioritise yourself, and what does self-care look like for you?

It’s hard and I’m of that generation that was taught to put ourselves at the bottom of the self care list, which is so wrong. Because I have daughters I make it a point to take care of myself with lots of meditation, saying no and healthy boundaries, taking walks in nature and being around positive cheerleading people who want you to thrive. 


You've mentioned before that your diagnosis of type 2 diabetes served as a health wake-up call that changed your life. What has been in your supportive toolkit since this diagnosis?

It was a strange gift as it was a warning shot. I totally changed life. I moved to the cotswolds (extreme) but I needed space, nature, to see sheep and just be able to walk in the woods which I  find so grounding and peaceful. I also use my Dexcom one plus who I work with to help monitor my glucose levels, which has been a game changer, as I have so much more control over how I feel and can help maintain balance throughout the day. Balance used to be a dirty word now it’s about loving myself and feeling good. 


You have previously discussed your challenging relationship with food, where sugar served as a coping mechanism for emotions. What advice would you give to those facing similar struggles?

Addiction comes in so many forms for me it was sugar, I used it to feel good and to numb and it hurt my body and I still didn’t care until type 2 diabetes was something I couldn’t ignore. I have an addictive personality that will never change instead I’m trying to pour love, positivity, joy and fun into my life to help me not need to feel numb. Speak up, use your words and be brave enough to feel your feelings and find other ways to cope. I went to Buchinger Wilhelmi in October 2023 to fast and it was a game changer I had no sugar, no food to hide behind and had to find new coping mechanisms. I ended up stripping naked turning up the heating and dancing To Beyonce and Britney it was amazing. 

And finally, what are your favourite Ancient + Brave products? 

I have so many!!! I love how ritualised and healing I feel doing myself good. I love the new True Hydration especially after a work out. I find it hard to wind down so love the Cacao + Collagen in the evening and the True Collagen as you really see and feel a difference!!!

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