A Moment with... Rosemary Ferguson

A Moment with... Rosemary Ferguson

Rosemary Ferguson comes from a homoeopathic/complementary medicine background and has always been interested in what food can do for you. After a successful fifteen years of modelling from being featured in campaigns for Miu Miu and Prada, walking the runway for designers from Galliano to McQueen, and featuring in Vogue and The Face she says, "My inner nutrition nerd led me back to college to study at The College of Naturopathic Medicine. I qualified as a naturopath and nutritionist in 2009 and now run a clinic on Harley Street in London". She currently writes for Vogue and Beauty Papers as well as being the founder of 'The 5 Day Plan' and co-founder of healthy junk food brand 'Filth'.

Here Rosemary takes a moment out of her day to share with us five key points on her life and what she does to better her wellness.

What's the most challenging thing you've done? 

Going back to college to study nutrition was pretty intense, especially because I had three small children at the time and my attention span isn’t great! However, as marathons are on my mind I am going to say my 1st marathon, which I did in London. I absolutely hated running for years and couldn’t run a metre let alone a mile BUT here I am about to do Marathon #2!

It definitely one of my biggest challenges both mental and physical, I kind of like the training as it is all-encompassing and you do feel super powerful by the time you are ready for the big run.

What goes through your mind when you need to be brave?  


Believe that everything will turn out for the OK and if it doesn’t, know that whatever the outcome is it’ll make you stronger in some way. 

Do you have a ritual physically or mentally that you practice every day? 

My ritual would probably be hot and cold showers. I always make sure I do thirty seconds hot, thirty seconds cold or for as long as possible to encourage the lymph system plus it is an amazing way to start any day!  

What's the one thing you really must do to be at your best?

Fasting really helps me to feel clear in the mind and body. I try to do a liquid day once a week it helps me feel on top of things as does yoga. I do LOVE yoga, it is like a mini therapy session each time I get on the mat.  It’s always a good day when I start my morning with it. 

Describe what 'self-care' means to you.


Taking time out of my own mind. Having your own business is great but challenging and my mind doesn’t switch off that often. So, I actively take a break from my phone/device and do something nice, watch a movie with the kids or go for a walk with my dogs.



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