A Moment with ... Richie Norton

A Moment with ... Richie Norton

We've chatted to many inspiring and interesting folk for our "A Moment with Q&A" and we love bringing you different perspectives from the health and wellness industry - and this week we are happy to share " A Moment with ....Richie Norton aka The Strength Temple" 

As someone who played at high levels of competitive sport, Richie needed to understand what it takes to reach the highest levels of fitness. It's not been an easy journey. Richie has faced many physical and psychological challenges during his life, battling with depression, sustaining career ending injuries, making lifestyle mistakes, being overweight and pushing his body to its limits.,

Richie has spent the last ten years experimenting with meditation, breathwork, callisthenics, capoeira and yoga, to coach a whole range of people from sports professionals, pioneers of human performance, actors prepping for their latest role, with the aim of helping them on a journey of self-discovery to allow them to discover the tools and unlock and develop their full physical and mental potential.

What's the most challenging thing you've done?

Getting myself back to health and out in the ocean again after a near death experience in Indonesia on a surf trip where I got held under the reef and dragged across the coral.

What goes through your mind when you need to be brave? 

I remember all the battles and challenges I’ve already faced.. Knowing that everything we have to overcome only makes us stronger.

Do you have a ritual physically or mentally that you practice every day? 

Yes of course, ‘Richuals' are the key to life and vitality for me. I’ll practice some breath-work to steady and prepare the mind every morning and night. Combined with a bodyweight movement flow that keeps my body healthy, mobile and in tune.

What's the one thing you really must do to be at your best?  

For me, it's hard to lock down one thing - but I’ll always start with practising Gratitude every day.

Describe what "self-care" mans to you?  

To me, self-care is the ability to know when your batteries are low and need a recharge and prioritising your own daily ‘Richuals' that allow you time to be still and take stock of where you are and help you always find your balance.


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