A Moment with... Davinia Taylor

A Moment with... Davinia Taylor

What's the most challenging thing you've done?

My first half-marathon at Windsor reservoir in mid-November to celebrate my 40th birthday. It was a freezing day with horizontal rain and I’d never ran that distance before so had so much doubt that I could! Mentally and physically it was so challenging.

However, I was beefing with pride afterwards and celebrated in a hot sauna drinking kombucha!


What goes through your mind when you need to be brave?

“This too shall pass!”


Do you have a ritual physically or mentally that you practice every day?

I try to practice Wim Hof breathwork most days and I feel the need to do exercise most days to clear my thoughts.


What's the one thing you really must do to be at your best?

I must run to 90’s house music...after twenty minutes I’m great!


Describe what 'self-care' means to you.

Self-care means putting on my oxygen mask before helping others. For example, if I have a hectic time ahead of me with the family I must make time to exercise during the day to be the best me for my family and to be able to enjoy the chaos not collapse in it.

I also have to make sure I eat clean and I’m generally at my best when I practise intermittent fasting using MCT oil throughout my fast, this gives my body the energy to engage with the boys I otherwise would have been using up in digesting a heavy meal. Good clean ingredients with dense nutrition are always at the top of my shopping list.

Fail to prepare...prepare to fail. This is true of eating and drinking! I believe food and drink either heals or harms, therefore, the choices you make will afford not only your day but the impact on decades to come.


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