10 supportive Intermittent Fasting Guides for your success

10 Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

We’re passionate about fasting strategies that allow our bodies to rejuvenate. ​It’s often the last few hours of your fasting window, typically the first few hours of your day, which are likely to be the most challenging. Enlist the ​support of our delicious brews, hydrolysed collagen peptides, MCT oil and plant-based advanced nutrition supplements to sustain you through to your finish line.

Here's our 10 Intermittent Fasting Guidelines on how the Brave Method will help you through...


Our Cacao + Collagen, Coffee + Collagen and innovative vegan Collagyn provide delicious nutrition support. All totally compatible with a wide range of low carb diets, low sugar diets, paleo diets, ketogenic diets and many intermittent fasting strategies and some clean fasting strategies. All our brews are incredibly easy to use and when made with water the level of calories, carbs and sugar are low enough to be acceptable with nearly all intermittent fasting strategies.

Carefully formulated with hero ingredients including modern nootropics, soothing adaptogens, hydrolysed collagen peptides, plant proteins, collagen specific vegan amino acids, bioactive botanical extracts, nutraceuticals, vitamins and minerals to help make your fasting experience a whole heap easier, smoother and more enjoyable.

 How the Brave Method works - no hunger during Intermittent Fasting


Successful intermittent fasting is all about cutting back on sugar and carbs. Take a peek at our Brave Nutrition Values for instant reassurance that, when made with water, our Coffee + Collagen, Cacao + Collagen and Collagyn products offer effortless support, working within the set nutrition parameters set out by your chosen intermittent fasting strategy, in terms of total calories, carbs and sugar contained per serving.

    Radiant Collagyn contains slightly more sugar, naturally present in the delicious organic freeze-dried raspberry and haskap powder that delivers the tangy berry flavour. These tiny amounts of sugar and carbs are thoughtfully balanced with high levels of protein and fibre to help support blood sugar balance.

     A quick cals, carbs and sugar check-in:

    Nutritional Information for IF Intermittent Fasting Drinks


    One of the main concerns for anyone following a fasting strategy is how to curb fasting hunger pangs. Trying to pass the time by drinking water, tea or coffee soon becomes monotonous and without any real nutritional sustenance, these drinks only really provide a momentary distraction.

    The Ancient + Brave products have been cleverly designed to provide an excellent source of protein and fibre with every serving which do more than just distract you from your hunger pangs. They also provide comfort and a level of genuine nourishment to help you feel sustained and satisfied. Incorporating our products into your intermittent fasting plan helps you breeze through to your next scheduled mealtime with ease.


    Diets and intermittent fasting strategies that restrict carbs and sugar tend to propel the body into ketosis, a process of burning fat for energy, when glucose and glycogen levels are depleted. While the body gets used to this metabolic fuel conversion you could experience energy lows, tiredness and fatigue.

    The adaptogens and nootropics in our product range help to:

    • build resilience to stress
    • tackle brain fog
    • support cognitive function

    The vitamin C and natural iodine found in our Collagyn range:

    • contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue
    • supports energy-yielding metabolism
    • supports thyroid function
    • supports levels of thyroid hormones

     Fight tiredness with Vitamin C


    Digestive discomfort is a common health complaint for those who regularly follow a prolonged fasting strategy. Fibre is an important nutrient for the rhythmic intestinal muscle movements required for bowel regularity. All three of the Collagyn products provide a good source of fibre per serving and include inulin, a soluble prebiotic fibre from chicory root, to help support normal bowel function and gut microbiome.


    All our products (except for True MCT oil) contain an excellent source of protein which contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass, key factors for body strength and conditioning. However, if you're focusing on a fasting strategy as a means to get in shape and have stepped up the level or intensity of your daily exercise, weights programme or training schedule then team up with Naked Collagyn, which contains a generous serving of glucosamine, MCT oil and MSM. Protecting cartilage and joints from the impact generated during intense physical activity helps safeguard against injury, mobility and flexibility issues that typically hinder progress. 

    Naked Collagyn - best vegan Collagen for body conditioning


    Stress comes in many guises and when you're tired, depleted and hungry it's easy to feel overwhelmed, easily confused and unable to cope in situations that wouldn’t normally ruffle your feathers. Our vegan Collagyn products contain nootropics, vitamin C and iodine which helps soothe the nervous system, support cognitive function, contribute to normal physiological function and help protect cells from oxidative stress.

    If you have a particularly demanding or stressful lifestyle then you'd be wise to choose our Inspired Collagyn which also contains adaptogenic ashwagandha to help build resilience to stress. The Ayurvedic spices of turmeric, ginger, cardamom and cinnamon give our Inspired Collagyn a real comfort factor, helping restore balance, lift the mood and get you thinking on your feet again. 


    The hydrolysed collagen peptides which provide the protein factor to our Coffee + Collagen and Cacao + Collagen don’t just contribute nutritional value in terms of helping you feel satisfied and sustained. These unique peptide molecules get quickly absorbed into the bloodstream and help to nourish your skin from within. Collagen is an extremely important structural protein found within the skin, bones, connective tissues and cartilage where it contributes qualities of strength, integrity, elasticity and flexibility. So your morning Ancient + Brave brews aren't just helping you achieve your fasting window, they are also forming the foundations of your daily beauty rituals.

    As soon as plant-based diets became popular, we knew we needed to formulate an effective vegan alternative to our True Collagen. All our Collagyn products contain our new signature blend of the five main amino acids found in a collagen molecule, present in a free form that’s readily absorbed. Combined with iodine and buffered vitamin C which contributes to normal collagen formation for supporting normal bone, cartilage and skin function.

    An interesting fact is that vitamin C supports cellular collagen renewal by acting as a co-factor for the enzymes which build the collagen fibres that provide strength, flexibility and integrity in a collagen molecule. For additional vegan beauty, nourish your skin from within with Radiant Collagyn. This formula contains additional bioactive compounds from raspberry, haskap and rosehip which help protect skin cells from the harmful effects of oxidative stress often generated by free radicals, pollutants and metabolic toxins. A perfect beauty companion for urban lifestyles and glowing youthful skin.

    Radiant Collagyn - the best vegan Collagen for flawless skin


    Excluding major food groups from your diet does tend to put you at risk for specific nutrient deficiencies, this is particularly true for anyone following a purely plant-based diet. Even the healthiest and most balanced vegan diets may still fall short on nutrients such as vitamin D, choline and essential amino acids. So, if you're intermittent fasting then there are times when it's even more challenging to achieve these hard to find vegan nutrients. For peace of mind, we've included a combination of chickpea, brown rice and pea plant proteins in all our Collagyn products to help support that all important vegan complete protein factor. And all our Collagyn products are enriched with vegan D3 sourced from algae and a vegan fermented source of choline. Regardless of whether you're healthy eating, dieting or fasting, our vegan Collagyn products contribute to your optimal daily wellbeing.


    For clean fasting you may want to use our True Collagyn powder with pure water. To take your day to a whole new level our Brave Method shows you which of our products are suited to support different wellness goals and also shows you how to team up specific products to create a synergy of benefits to help generate exceptional intermittent fasting results. All these product combinations are available as Brave Bundles with a healthy saving to help you get started. Once you know your favourite bundle you can then covert this into a monthly Subscription 

    • Keto Fasting Synergy – To turn up the fuel and ketogenics when using any of our blends and supplements simply add 1-3 tsp of True MCT
    • Brave Beauty Synergy – For additional skin nourishment enrich Coffee + Collagen or Cacao + Collagen with 1-3 tsp of True Collagen
    •  Brave Brain Synergy – For cognitive support infuse Coffee + Collagen, Cacao + Collagen and Inspired Collagyn with 1-3 tsp of True MCT
    • Brave Body Synergy – For intensive body conditioning supercharge any of our blends or supplements by adding a powerhouse of 1-3 tsp of True MCT and 1-3 tsp of True Collagen


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