Revive Focus Balance

Brain Cacao Bundle

A deliciously smooth cacao blend with nourishing Type 1 hydrolysed collagen peptides and organic botanicals. Providing great nourishment, excellent protein and a rich source of fibre to support gut microbiome. 

Our delightfully healthy chocolate brew is rich with adaptogenic ashwagandha to help build stress resilience and gently restore balance.    

For the ultimate bullet hot chocolate experience add in 1 tsp of True MCT to fuel a ketogenic diet and deliver nootropic support. For optimal mindful wellbeing:

1 x Cacao + Collagen – a deliciously smooth chocolate blend with hydrolysed collagen peptides and organic botanicals.

Approx. 25 servings (250g)

1 x True MCT – clean, light and flavourless and sourced from coconuts – perfect to bullet your drink.
Over 50 servings (500ml)

1 x True MCT Sachets – all of the benefits of our True MCT in individually wrapped servings – a perfect solution for when you’re on the go! 
15 servings (10ml each) individually wrapped sachets


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