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All the love for feedback

Feeling all the love when we received this article from the wonderful yoga guru Sarah Fretwell last week about her experience with our collagen, and we just had to share ... we love receiving feedback so do drop us an email with any comments or slide into our DMs with your comments ...


I’ve always loved the idea of sipping on hot chocolate before bed, but most are packed with sugar - not exactly the healthiest thing to drink before you go to sleep. I’ve been getting really into my collagen powders lately, so when I found out about Ancient and Brave, I was instantly sold on their range. 


Ancient and Brave are different, in that their collagen powders contain adaptogens, which help support the immune system function by decreasing stress levels, providing a hefty dose of fibre, and increasing your energy levels, with all the ingredients being 100% natural. Their Cacao + Collagen works in a similar way to Bulletproof coffee, but minus the actual caffeine dosage (and in my opinion, tastes nicer!). Each serving contains 20% grass-fed bovine collagen, plus organic Peruvian raw cacao - which is packed full of magnesium and antioxidants that help fight free radicals in the body. The collagen is also completely tasteless, and has a whole host of skin-plumping benefits, as well as helping to aid recovery from training. Whenever I’m doing any intermittent fasting, drinking this also really helps me increase the fasting window and keeps me from reaching for something less healthy or from feeling dizzy and lightheaded. 


Supplementing your diet with Collagen is so great for many reasons, but here are a few health benefits: 

+ Replaces proteins that diminish as we age 

+ Faster tissue and gut repair 

+ Highly absorbable, odourless and tasteless 

+ Promotes nourished and hydrated skin 

+ Supports stronger bones and flexibility 


The powder also contains the following adaptogens, which help support the body’s immune system: 

+ Organic cocoa - antioxidant-packed to fight free radicals 

+ Organic beetroot - helps cleanse the digestive system 

+ Organic cinnamon - supports blood sugar levels

+ Organic carob - fat-free, high in fibre and helps balance blood sugar levels 

+ Organic Siberian ginseng - has restorative, calming properties 

+ Organic baobab - contains a high level of Vitamin C for healthy skin and immune system 


I find that you do need to add a bit of fat to keep you feeling fuller for longer, and it just makes it slightly creamier – I love MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil but you can add a tablespoon of coconut oil if you don’t have MCT oil. If you’re fasting, adding MCT or coconut oil is great since they contain zero sugars, therefore they don’t increase insulin levels (the fat-storage hormone), and so you remain in your fasted and fat-burning state until you eat again. 


I also love to have this before I go to sleep. It’s super comforting and feels really decadent but is totally healthy. Here’s my recipe for the perfect pre-bedtime collagen + cacao drink, that definitely beats your regular hot choc! 




2 scoops Ancient and Brave Cacao + Collagen 

1 TBC MCT oil or coconut oil 

1 cup unsweetened soy / almond milk 

1 cup freshly boiled water

Blend in a Nutribullet (or any less-fancy blender) until it’s thick and creamy.


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